Nostalgic News: Chvrches’ Every Open Eye was released 5 years ago


Chvrches’ second studio album Every Open Eye was released five years ago today. A confident continuation of the sounds from their previous album, Every Open Eye saw the band delve further into what they knew made them good.

As lead singer Lauren Mayberry sings on ‘Make Them Gold’, they ‘take the best parts of [themselves]and make them gold’. They chose not to shy away from their identity as a synth-pop band; the album comprises of nine radio-friendly dance anthems and two slower ballad tracks, allowing plenty of scope for dancing and ambition-filled lyrics, and only a little bit of time for being sad.

Every Open Eye is plastered with inspiring lyrics which see the band fighting adversity – during the album’s release, Mayberry received many misogynistic comments which we see her rise above. Lyrics like ‘you can tell me to move and I won’t go’, and ‘bury it and rise above’ reflect the band’s clear statements on not letting themselves be beaten. Along with celebratory tracks like ‘Clearest Blue’, where the simplistic sounds build towards an emotional instrumental break, this album defines the band’s uplifting spirit and focused nature.

Although Every Open Eye perhaps lacks the early danger and urgency that The Bones of What You Believe had, it still maintains a fully-charged atmosphere that guaranteed the band some smashing headline sets.

Listen to ‘Leave A Trace’ below:


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