Nostalgic News: Jackass 3D was released 10 years ago


If ever there was a film franchise in need of making a 3D edition, it was Jackass. Marking the 10thanniversary since the beginning of the franchise, with the TV series starting in 2000, Jackass 3D came out on October 15th, 2010. The film would go on to be the highest-grossing instalment to date, earning 171 million dollars from just a 20 million budget. It featured outrageous stunts mixed with skits, pranks and showcases of the casts almost brotherly love for one another that proved to be a winning combination for the franchise.

The dichotomy between extravagance and ‘DIY’ which is effectively synonymous with Jackass, is perfectly displayed by the intro scene followed by the film’s inaugural stunt/prank. Opening into a heavenly scene characterised by bright white lights and a large rainbow in the backdrop, the crew walkout in various costumes that are featured in stunts throughout the film. Kicking off with the iconic ‘Hi I’m Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass!’, a frenzy of stunts is unleashed which each feature a member of the crew carrying out a stunt symbolic of those from the early days of their career. This is then proceeded by the ‘high-five’ prank, in which Johnny Knoxville and Jason ‘Weeman’ Acuna hold a giant, shoddily built hand on a pole in which springs round and wipes out whoever is coming into the kitchen at that time. As bad as it sounds in words, it is one of the funniest moments of the movie! This theme continues throughout, whether its Danger Ehrens tooth being pulled out by a string attached to Bam Margera’s Lamborghini, Steve-O in the classic ‘poo cocktail supreme’ in which he sits inside a porta-potty on a bungie or even Ryan Dunn trying to stay in his chair whilst a jet engine blasts in his face, these elaborate stunts are equally complemented by something as trivial and low-key as having Chris Pontius repeatedly bitten by a scorpion. It all seems to fit both perfectly and seamlessly.

Aside from the stunts, skits and pranks, the brotherhood and friendship between not only the cast but the crew is where the real magic of the film happens. The small segments of interaction between the cast that act as breakers between larger segments in the film makes it both fulfilling and even more enjoyable. It’s hard to describe the chemistry between them. It is palpable and very clearly genuine, with the main testament to this being that even today they still refer to each other as brothers.

The odd mix between extremely macho stunts, male nudity and homoerotic humour help to create a movie, and franchise, that is extremely unique, which even stands out as far superior amongst the flood of modern-day YouTube. The Jackass crew helped redefine comedy with their outrageous pranks and perilous stunts which took MTV and 2000s American pop-culture by storm. Jackass 3D is the latest and greatest in the franchise, and a great watch for everyone with a strong stomach!

Jackass 3D is available now. Watch the trailer below. 


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