Nostalgic News: Jessica Jones debuted 5 years ago


Fronted by the incredibly talented Krysten Ritter (Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23, Breaking Bad), the brilliantly dark and humour-fueled Marvel Comic created Netflix’s Original series Jessica Jones and began streaming 5 years ago.

Protagonist Jessica Jones, whose childhood tragedy lead to a short-lived career as a superhero, lives her everyday life as a struggling alcoholic with anger management issues while acting as a private detective on the sidelines. When she opens her detective agency in the heart of New York City, Jones begins to discover powers run throughout the town and not just within her own reaches as she sets out to help those who have suffered too.

Amongst the expansive field of Marvel-based Netflix Originals that featured a range of lesser-known and rarely explored superheroes from the insanely popular entertainment company, Jessica Jones stood proud as one which featured a unique and mysterious female character who opened up a new landscape, helping move the company slowly away from male-dominated narratives.

Watch the trailer for Jessica Jones season one below:


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