Nostalgic News: Britney Spears’ B in the Mix: The Remixes was released 15 years ago (22/11)


Take all of Britney Spears’ best hits before 2005, like ‘Toxic’, ‘Me Against The Music’ and ‘I’m A Slave For You’ and give it a cheesy noughties club flare and that’s what B in the Mix: The Remixes is all about.

As a Britney ultimate fan, I found some of the remixes questionable and uncomfortable but listening to the remixes only makes you love the originals even more. I will say though it was really impressive that a DJ can make Britney’s saddest ballad ‘Everytime’ into a club hit, it was a mixture of Lizzie McGuire’s ‘This Is What Dreams Are Made Of’ with electronic euro-dance.

The best remix from this record is the Davidson Ospina remix of ‘…Baby One More Time’, it gave the classic and popular Britney hit an 80s club groove, though nothing could ever top the original and it wasn’t as devasting as a remix compared to a few that featured on the album.

If you want to cringe and enjoy Britney on a new divine level listen to the remixes, you will have a new appreciation for the amazing music that is Britney Jean Spears.

Listen to the Davidson Ospina remix of ‘…Baby One More Time’ below: 


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