Nostalgic News: Stromae’s Cheese was released 10 years ago


Belgium is home to the best electronic dance music out there and Stromae’s Cheese further highlights the best of Belgian electronic. The lead single, ‘Alors on danse’, reached number one across Europe and is arguably one of Stromae’s most well-known songs to date. ‘Alors on danse’ on the surface sounds like a happy dance track, however, the song is about surviving daily life by dancing, with its melancholic atmosphere surrounded by rave synths, something that’s a staple of all tracks on Cheese. Stromae paints a world of grey and depression throughout Cheese, on ‘Rail de Musqiue’ Stromae goes into the detail on the drugs needed to get him through life “ma weed, ma coke, mon speed, mon crack, mon musique”. Though the album is fully in French, the pain and anguish are understood transnationally. Stromae put his heart into this record and we are able to understand the artist behind the upbeat bass. It may be called Cheese though but there’s nothing cheesy about it and is definitely worth a listen to everyone who enjoys crying on the dancefloor.

You can listen to ‘Alors on danse’ below:


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