The Edge & MindSoc Announce 12-Hour Charity Livestream


Streaming on Saturday 6th February, us here at The Edge have teamed up with another much-loved society, MindSoc, to bring about a 12-hour livestream raising money for Solent Mind, Hampshire’s leading mental health charity. Taking place between the hours of 12 pm and 12 am, the charity will see members across both societies live streaming on Twitch with games including Hollow Knight, Ratchett & Clank, NBA 2K21 and will even include some wholesome Bob Ross content (but we promise that’s not all).

Solent Mind, a charity dedicated to providing important mental health support for those in need, offers a whole range of support and services. From one-to-one support for struggling individuals to hosting talking therapies and group therapies, Solent mind has always been about providing the best service they can for those who need it, funded through charitable donations raised by individuals. In the same spirit of helping Solent Mind continue the great work they have already been doing, it was a no-brainer on why we chose them as our charity to help. With such strong connections between Solent Mind and MindSoc, us here at The Edge are happy to support in any way we can.

Anyone interested in gaming or charity can help out too. Aiming to raise £500, we’re hoping you can help us reach this goal with kind donations generated by those watching. Whether it be £5 or 50p, every donation counts towards our set goal and helps Solent Mind continue the great work they’re doing, even in Covid times like now.

If you want to watch some gaming shenanigans and get in on the action, then join and follow The Edge Twitch by clicking here. You can even donate to the fundraiser early by clicking here.

For the full line-up, check out below:

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