Nostalgic News: Stardew Valley was released 5 years ago


I will be the first to admit that, upon initially seeing my brother play Stardew Valley, I did in fact say “is this like Minecraft?”. However, after picking up the controller myself, I noticed why this question caused his rage, and how the two do in fact differ. Stardew Valley is a beautifully animated escapist game, whereby you’ll notice the days and nights changing in-game, but not realise the sun has now set outside and you’ve been playing it for 6 hours straight. You can farm, fish, shop, mine, chop down trees, have a pet dog, and even go to the numerous events that the local villagers put on. What more do you need? Though it is similar to games such as Minecraft, and the 2020 mega-hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s unique in it’s FarmVille-aesthetic, mesmerising soundtrack, and it’ll keep you entertained for hours without having to worry about those dreaded Creepers or billionaire Tom Nook. If you haven’t already, get yourself a copy of Stardew Valley, and prepare for hours and days lost in this entrancing world of your making.

Check out the trailer for Stardew Valley below: 


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