Nostalgic News: Beastly was released 10 years ago


Like all classic teen movies created in the last decade, Beastly sought to give us a taste of an unexpected and tantalising love story. It celebrates its decennial birthday, which gives us another chance to reflect on a small part of history.

The story, which is being recounted from memory, follows the classic Beauty and the Beast ideology. A mean but gorgeous teen, played by Alex Pettyfer (wit woo), is cursed with ugliness by a witch (played by Mary-Kate and not Ashley) after being far too into himself. He must live with his bald head and face tattoos until he can get someone to fall in love with who he is on the inside. Enter Vanessa Ann Hudgens.

While the content of the plot may not be anything ground-breaking, I remember watching this film and just having a very good time. It is cliché and a bit cringe at times, but somehow its little quirks make up for the fact. Only after searching for the cast do I remember that Neil Patrick Harris plays a blind man who is especially good at darts.

It definitely still works as a film to add to a late-night binge, allowing for reminiscing as well the appreciation for a somewhat different take on a classic fairy tale.

Check out the trailer for Beastly below: 


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