Nostalgic News: Gorillaz was released 20 years ago


Gorillaz’s first album, the self-titled Gorillaz, is two decades old. While not an album often recognised, it is an exciting and eclectic mix, and perhaps Gorillaz’s most impressive. The fact that Wikipedia lists it as including 14 different genres helps you understand the diversity of the album.

Gorillaz’s first album feels a world away from their most recent songs, which feel like far more uniform and standard songs. Despite not being anywhere near as cohesive or thematic as Demon Days or Plastic Beach the album manages to demonstrate Gorillaz’s range of talents and is a more refreshing album to listen to as a result. From the sinister and off-beat rap track ‘Clint Eastwood’ to the scratchy and odd ‘Double Bass’, nothing is off-limits. The Latin-inspired ‘Latin Simone’ is a personal favourite, and perhaps help laid the groundwork for their next album. Gorillaz as an album is a worthy listen even today, it is certainly their most underrated album and a joy to listen to, even if some songs are perhaps slightly too odd for their own good.

You can listen to the album’s most well-known track ‘Clint Eastwood’ below:



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