Nostalgic News: ‘She’s the Man’ was released 15 years ago


The greatest movie of all time was released 15 years ago! She’s The Man merges football with Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night and somehow makes Shakespeare even better. Viola (Amanda Bynes) lived out my childhood fantasy of having a twin brother so I can pretend to be him and play for the boy’s football team because girls are just as talented as boys. She’s The Man may have never won an Oscar like it deserved but it won a Teen’s Choice Award which we all know is the equivalent in the world of those under 16.

It was my gay awakening especially watching Olivia (Laura Ramsey) fall for Sebastian who is really Viola dressed as Sebastian which by the way looked nothing like Sebastian. For those who have never watched the movie just think Mean Girls, Clueless with a dash of Premier League Football and that is She’s The Man.

Check out the trailer for She’s The Man below:


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