Nostalgic News: Bridesmaids was released 10 years ago


Back in 2011, an unlikely group of mutual friends all come together to that one run-up to the wedding, and hilarious chaos ensued. Co-written and starring Kristen Wiig, Bridesmaids takes one of the most stressful parts of a wedding and makes it amazing. With Wiig’s Annie and her failed business clashing with Helen (Rose Byrne) who seemingly has it all – money and the attention of mutual friend and the bride Lillian (Maya Rudolph). Add in a bachelorette party, Vegas, and what (else) could go wrong? The answer: a lot.

What is more iconic than that food poisoning scene? Even if you don’t know anything about this film, then you have definitely heard about that. People called the film “a female version of The Hangover” but it is anything but. Hilarious and utilising its principle cast well, Bridesmaids made household names of several of its actresses including Melissa McCarthy. It showed that female-led movies can be successful, picking up dozens of awards including the Critics Choice Award for Best Comedy.

Check out the trailer for Bridesmaids below:


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