SUSUtv Rebrands to SurgeTV


Recently announced under the current station manager, Byron Lewis, SUSUtv is rebranding to SURGEtv, changing the name it had held for fifteen years.

The change comes after a new approach that aims to bring student media societies closer together, the birth name of the name SURGEtv not being unrecognisable from another beloved student media society at the University of Southampton, Surge Radio. The society, responsible for hosting many live-streamed events, creating student films, and being a huge supporter of all other media societies when sourcing tech, has been a staple of the University of Southampton for many years. While both societies will remain independent of one another and maintain their autonomy, the adoption of Surge certainly captures a new spirit of collaboration that feels refreshing and welcomed.

You can read SURGEtv’s statement below:

It’s official – we’re rebranding to SURGEtv!

With all the student media societies working together closer than ever before, it felt right to join forces with our sister radio station properly to become Surge TV.

SUSUtv has had a proud 15-year history of award-winning videos, and the name has come to mean a lot to hundreds of people. But times are changing and what students want from us has too.

Next year, we want to come back in fighting form with original shows, more live coverage than ever before and more opportunities for every last fresher that’s interested!

You can find out more about SURGEtv by clicking here.


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