The Vestry Rebrands to Papillion


Credit: Chandler Russel

The Vestry, located on Commercial Road, has recently undergone a new makeover after being taken over by new management.

Both floors have been updated with a modern but rustic interior which will correspond with its new name “Papillon” (which is French for butterfly). The menu caters to the classics but also with the twist and hints of France with every bite.

We spoke to Bar Manager, Chandler Russell on what makes Papillon stand out:

“We are equally between a restaurant and a bar. We want a nightlife style bar in which people can enjoy but also relax in. We have got a few lounge areas which are allocated just for drinking.”

When talking about the food to be offered, Chandler Russell also said:

“In regards to food, the kitchen is open twelve to three for lunch trade, then six to nine for dinner. We have two floors that need to be covered, so we are making sure that the volume and style of music is perfect. We also happen to have a stage area where we could eventually have live bands and a DJ. We hope to cater to private events in the future where you can hire out one floor or the entire venue.”

Papillon is set to welcome the public on October 8th. The Directors have 8 other venues – 2 of which are outside of Southampton. Heartbreakers, The Broadway, Pam Pams, and XOXO are just some of the incredible venues found right on the local doorstep of Southampton.

Russell also said “It’s a bigger venue compared to some other restaurants located in Southampton. It has amazing in-depth menus both food and drinks. A very experienced team has been set up who will be able to create consistent products and willing to listen to honest feedback and change the way we things for the better.”

You can find out more about the Vestry by visiting their website or clicking here. The vestry is set to re-open today (October 8th).

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