Nostalgic News: The Santa Clause 2 was released 20 years ago!


Let me set the scene. It’s November 1st 2002, and the world’s favourite Santa Claus has returned to the big screen. Tim Allan reprises his role as Scott Calvin, aka Santa in Micheal Lembeck’s directorial debut The Santa Clause 2. Scott, 8 years in and well-practised in his role as Santa, learns he must find a wife before Christmas Eve or else stop being Santa forever. If that wasn’t enough to deal with, Scott’s only son Charlie is causing problems back home (aka not the North Pole) and Scott must return home to rekindle their relationship. So begins his journey to find a new wife before the termination of his contract in 27 days. 

What about the elves, you ask? They are entrusted with a life-size Santa clone who has an agenda of his own. Reading the naughty and nice list, Clone Santa takes his job too seriously and goes about creating a toy army to provide all children with coal. Simultaneously Scott undergoes ‘de-santafication’ which means that as time goes on he rapidly starts to lose the physicalities that make him Santa. I know what you’re thinking, there was a lot going on at Christmas 2002. Which is what makes this movie so fantastically chaotic!

The Santa Clause 2
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The Santa Clause 2 wracked up 172.9 million dollars making it the second most popular of the trilogy. Now, 20 years after the second movie, we are blessed with the knowledge that a Santa Clause sequel is set to return. Not only do we get this sequel, but a two-part series on Disney +. On November 16th The Santa Clauses will follow Scott Calvin’s mission to find a replacement Santa to continue his role whilst he retires to spend time with his family. As you can imagine, leaving a giant empire and hundreds of elf co-workers, chaos ensues and this team over at The Edge are here for it. The cast set to return are; Tim Allen as Scott Calvin aka Santa, Elizabeth Mitchell as Mrs Claus, Eric Lloyd as Charlie Calvin and David Krumholtz as Bernard. As well as these familiar fan favourites, we’ll see new faces, including Austin Kane as Cal Calvin and Elizabeth Allen-Dick as Sandra Calvin. These two actors will play the children of Mr and Mrs Claus, whom you may remember Mrs Claus giving birth to in The Santa Clause 3 (2006). 

Now, would you join me in recounting the ethos of this franchise?
“Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing”
Ugh, Chills!


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