Nostalgic News – Tinie Tempah’s Disc-Overy Turns 10


Tinie Tempah’s debut studio album Disc-Overy turns 10 today, and a decade on from its initial release in Ireland, it remains a top-quality record, with the critical and commercial success to prove it. 

Disc-Overy truly propelled Tinie Tempah to stardom, winning him two Brit awards to boot. Entering the UK album chart at number one, and going on to eventually go double platinum, to this day, five of the tracks on Disc-Overy remain in Tinie’s top 10 on Spotify. Singles ‘Pass Out’ and ‘Written In The Stars’ would also chart at number one in the UK, as well as go on to become synonymous with 2010 in general. 

Speaking from personal experience, Disc-Overy was the talk of our school; everyone had heard it, and everyone owned it. Car trips were accompanied by it, and everyone’s CD racks had a copy. 

Disc-Overy remains the most successful of Tinie Tempah’s three studio albums, and with high-quality hip-hop and electronic bangers like ‘Frisky’ as well as sleeper hits like ‘Wonderman’, it’s not hard to see why. Top to bottom the album is stacked with catchy choruses, incredibly well-performed verses, and scintillating backing tracks.

A true must listen, Disc-Overy remains a personal favourite, as well as a nostalgic classic for many of our generation.

Check out the single ‘Written In The Stars’ below:


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