Nostalgic News: Billy Madison was released 25 years ago


It really seems that Adam Sandler has received critical bashing after critical bashing over the last five or ten years. So, returning to a time when his fresh-faced appearances in Hollywood actually generated some love from audiences (and even a little from some critics!) might be nice, and seeing as a certain film is turning 25 (25!) years old, to revisit what may be his most beloved film to date: Billy Madison.

Billy Madison is maybe the most famous Adam Sandler performance. With the film being directed by Tamra Davis (also known for directing rap music rockumentary CB4 and, more recently, a documentary on the incredible New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat) and written by Adam Sandler and his frequent collaborator Tim Herlihy, Billy Madison is, of course, a comedy about titular character Billy Madison – a 27-year-old who is set to inherit his father’s huge empire within the hotel industry… so long as he can pass all 12 school grades within only 24 weeks, at least.

Capturing Sandler just as his career was really starting to find its footing (his next film after Madison would be the equally famous Happy Gilmore, and the rest is history!), Billy Madison is a wonderfully silly and vulgar slapstick comedy that showcases Sandler at his best, even carrying the touching sentimental scenes that would become a staple of his work as he continued starring in Hollywood comedies (50 First Dates and Big Daddy both come to mind here!). If you’re the type to enjoy the kind of silly slapstick that Sandler is known for… then you’ve probably already seen Billy Madison, but if not, it’s the perfect film to see – a joyously irreverent and memorable comedy that highlights all of Sandler’s best traits as a comic actor.

 Watch the trailer for ‘Billy Madison’ below:


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