Nostalgic News: That 70s Show turns 25!


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That 70s Show was released 25 years ago this year and I truly believe it is a TV show I could never get bored of. The rollercoaster of relationships, iconic 70s fashion and crazy pot circles made the show have so much variety so it was continuously entertaining.

That 70’s Show style is iconic. Jackie Burkhart is the show’s spoilt fashionista and clearly, she puts daddy’s money to good use with outfits that have stood the test of time and wouldn’t look out of place today. Her colourful outfits accessorised to the max with jewellery and bouncy 70s curls are one of the things I looked forward to seeing every episode. Some memorable outfits include her ‘I am SO a virgin’ t-shirt and literally anytime she wore a beret or necktie- Mila Kunis really knows how to pull off some typically French accessories and makes them look adorable!

A unique aspect of the show was its extra, almost dream sequence, elements. In season two, we join them in The Circle as Fez imagines them as cartoon characters, much like in Scooby Doo. When the gang get high in season 1 we see Eric imagine his parents’ heads floating around the room and, my personal favourite, is the musical number between Jackie and Hyde as if they are Sandy and Danny in Grease. It’s scenes like these that take That 70s Show to the next level and is why its so iconic, because other shows don’t have random scenes like these.

I can’t mention That 70s Show without talking about The Circle– how the gang would sit in a circle to smoke pot, with the camera sitting almost in the middle of the table and rotating round to get their continuous high thoughts, often including Hyde’s sceptical remarks about the government and a lot of Kelso laughing.

While the show was funny, it really was its relationships that kept me watching. How next-door neighbours Donna and Eric first get together was so sweet to watch and their first breakup was so sad that you felt their heartbreak as it happened. I am an avid Hyde and Jackie shipper and, in my mind, they get back together after the series finishes- sorry Fez! Hyde and Jackie were the cutest duo of sunshine and rain and his grumpiness only being lifted by her is a cliché that I just can’t get enough of. However, I did also enjoy Jackie and Kelso being together as it eventually extends to real life. Jackie and Kelso are played by Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher who are married in real life, and due to their characters dating at the start of the show- he was her first kiss!

As a history student, I also love That 70s Show because of the historical references. Not only is the fashion spot on with flared jeans and stripes galore but the group love ABBA, very popular in the 70s and there are references to Led Zepplin, KISS and Star Wars– all of the time. On the politically side, the show is rife with political references, including mentions of the 1970s recession and Vietnam War, especially with war veteran Red Foreman as Eric’s father often voicing his views about America and communists. At times it does feel as if you’re actually watching a group of teens from the 70s- not from a recreation in the 90s’. The show also does a good job of representing the generation gap between the group and Eric’s parents, showing them to be more traditional in their values compared to the wild, adventurous teens.

That 70s Show is such an easy watch and if it ever reappears on Netflix there is no doubt it will be my top watch. However, until then I will be watching the sequel, That 90s Show and eagerly awaiting its next season.

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