The Airborne Toxic Event – Timeless


With a name like The Airborne Toxic Event, you may get an immediate impression that this band is going to be slightly heavier than they actually are. I know this because I did too. However, you will be pleasantly surprised when you hear the alternative sound the track has to offer.

You are slowly drawn into the track with a gentle drum beat before hearing the emotional voice of Mikel Jollett (lead vocals) complementing the mystical backing track perfectly. As you listen to the lyrics throughout the song, it becomes hard to determine whether the tone of the track is that of joy or painful sorrow. The general tone is a mix of the two and this factor encompassed by the powerful voice of Jollett makes for a truly moving record. As the song progresses you realise the transition between verse and chords introduces you to the powerful melodies the band has to offer and only strengthens the track.

However, it was only until after multiple listens of the track that I began to appreciate what it had to offer. You would only want to listen to the track if you are somewhere peaceful, without distraction, and want to end up over thinking everything. That is the kind of feeling you get after listening to the mystical rhythm of the song.

Overall, the single is well done. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it is going to be (as the name suggests) “Timeless”, unfortunately. However, after listening to this single, I was left curious about the rest of The Airborne Toxic Event’s work to see if there is something unique that I know they could potentially create.


Such Hot Blood was released on the 30th of April on Island Records


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