Review: Imagine Dragons – ‘I Bet My Life’


They're back with another great record, and I'd happily bet my life that this is a huge success!

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More than two years after the release of their debut album Night Visions, Imagine Dragons are back with their first single taken from the upcoming album Smoke + Mirrors. ‘I Bet My Life’ is a folky anthem, which strays from the electronic, thunderous sound of their most popular hit ‘Radioactive’.

The song sticks to the previous tried and tested recipe that the Vegas quartet has used in the majority of their hits to date: a quiet emotional verse that gradually adds layers of sound, building up to an explosion in the chorus, before suddenly returning to the relative serenity of another verse. The heavy bass drum, along with the volume, in the chorus helps to generate a great chant like feel which is incredibly catchy.

Whilst a different sound to what many would’ve expected, I can see plenty of chart success to come.

‘I Bet My Life’ will be released on February 8th 2015 via Polydor Associated Labels


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