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Can't get it out of my head!

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‘Automatic’ is the title single from Don Broco’s sophmore album. The Bedford boys have been streaming the single alongside a couple of others from the upcoming album on their Soundcloud for a while now, but this one is finally out as a precursor for the album to come on August 7th.

The opening “ooohs” scream summer single from the off. They are incredibly catchy and repeated throughout the song to really get the vibe set early. The light flickery guitar only adds to the feeling that the single is clearly trying to build. Rob Damiani’s voice is punchy with a huge range as always, and his self confidence shines though as he asks “Don’t you wanna be automatic?”.

Much like a lot of their work, the only real downfall is the lyrical weakness, not really offering a large amount of content outside of the chorus. One could argue that repetition of the song is what sells records these days, however it’s certainly not ideal.

A cracking effort from the boys to produce a great summer hit, and a quality title track from the new album.

‘Automatic’ is out now via Sony Music.


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