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Music releases have been pretty slow recently, but there are still some gems to be found this week. Heading up the albums is the former drummer of Jessie Ware’s band, Dornik’s, self-titled debut album and Grace Potter’s first solo album. Soul collective Jungle’s release of ‘Platoon’ is probably the biggest release this week, but we also have an interesting offering from Gilligan Moss.

The former drummer in Jessie Ware’s band, Dornik’s self titled debut album incorporates 80s pop with a flavour of modern R&B. His voice has elements of Frank Ocean and even a young Michael Jackson – set to be a strong debut with ‘Stand In Your Line’ catching the eye. Out via PMR/Island.

Grace Potter’s first solo album after a successful five albums with Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Alive Tonight, is packed full of strong radio-hit worthy songs. This means that picking a standout track is refreshingly difficult, with ‘Look What We’ve Become’, ‘Alive Tonight’ and ‘Empty Heart’ all sounding great from the first lines of Potter’s evocative lyrics. Out via Hollywood Records.

The quirky-rock of Palehound is an energising attempt at a getting away from some of the structured and rigid music of recent times, and their debut album Dry Food shows this creativity in aplomb. ‘Molly’ stands out and captures singer-songwriter Ellen Kempner’s ideas for the rest of the record. Original to say the least. Out via Exploding Sound.

‘On The Regular’ is the latest release from 20 year-old Shamir’s debut LP, Ratchet. With almost unbelievably fast lyrics and a knocking percussive bell underlying Shamir’s vocals, he urges us “this is my movie stay tuned for the sequel”. It’s confident, it’s fun, and your end of Summer challenge could be to learn all of the words. Out via XL.

Stemming from Jungle’s Mercury Prize nominated self-titled album, is ‘Platoon’. With video featuring a six year-old who can probably dance a lot better than any of us, ‘Platoon’ packs less of a punch than previous Jungle releases such as ‘Busy Earnin”; but it’s no less soulful because of this.  Out via XL.

Gilligan Moss’ ‘Choreograph’ is as chaotic as it is brilliant. Currently featuring on The Line Of Best Fit‘s ‘Best New Music’ playlist, the track is one of only a couple that Moss has released, along with the upcoming ‘It Felt Right’. Hear this track out, it might be dauntingly busy to begin with, but once the dust settles it’s a great track. Out via AMF.


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