Music Video Review: Tove Lo – ‘Moments’


Explicit, grungy and disturbing, Tove Lo's new video - like 'Moments' as a track - is brutally honest.

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Directed by Tim Erem, Tove Lo has released the video to accompany her latest single ‘Moments’. Featuring drug abuse, violence and a murder, the video is nothing less than what we expect from the authentic and intriguing artist.

The video begins eerily with a grunge aesthetic, dragging the spectator into a narrative inspired by drug abuse and a rocky relationship. A montage of home videos and an arrest show onscreen whilst the disturbing dialogue “You’re fucked up,” rings before the song itself begins.

Throughout the video, Tove Lo puts herself in a location where she clearly appears and feels like the outsider. She does interpretive dance in a deserted supermarket, she dresses as an alternative-bride in a desolate wedding ceremony as well as falling in the ocean through a monochromic filter. This construction of unease and alienation in both urban and archaic spaces align itself with the lyrics of Tove Lo feeling (and being) disengaged with a certain ideal of woman that she directly and confidently goes against.

The song abruptly stops towards the end of the video where she murders her apparent groom, but then resumes for her to continue to break the status quo and behavioural expectations in various spaces. What is most powerful about the video is that its fearlessness reflects the brutal honesty of the track’s lyrics, making the video a meaningful platform as a means of communication of the song’s message.

Tove Lo has her moments, and this is certainly one.

Watch the video for ‘Moments’ below, with the track available to buy now.


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