Review: Paves – ‘Dancing ’til The End Of Time’


Confident and reflective, Paves' debut track brings 60s rock to a modern audience.

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Fusing 60s rock influences – falling between Jim Morrison and Rolling Stones inflections – Paves bridge the gap between a nostalgic sound and a unique take on the modern indie rock genre. There’s something distinctly Rock’n’Roll about the band, who admit their aim is an ambitious revival of dangerous Rock’n’Roll. Their debut track is a good start.

‘Dancing ’til The End Of Time’ opens with slick, isolated guitar work as the distant rumbling of drums comes into focus, with the gentle tap of a hi hat. Luke Shield croons “I’ll take your heart and soul / And I’ll make you lose control” as the rhythm of the track gets underway. It’s unhurried, and there’s something confident about that. The track is laid bare for us to see: it’s clear that Paves have nothing to hide.

In a world saturated in synthpop and dance tracks, Paves’ emergence is a refreshing one. With ‘Dancing ’til The End Of Time’, they’re looking back, ciphering through the best parts of 60s rock and infusing them with a modern, smokey vibe.

‘Dancing ’til The End Of Time’ is available to stream now via Soundcloud.


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