Music Video Review: Muse – ‘Revolt’


Visually excellent: futuristic warfare against tanks and drones, with the only slight downside being the track itself.

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The year 2025. Government drones fill the sky. Freedom has been banished. Until now…

Muse’s video for latest single ‘Revolt’, directed by Guy Shelmerdine, takes place in the not-so-distant future during warfare between man and drone. The track comes halfway through their politically hard-hitting album Drones and the video fits seamlessly into the album’s controversial – typical of Muse – narrative.

The song itself holds its own throughout the verses but slightly crumbles at each chorus (I still stand by the fact it’s arguably the weakest on the record) – not that this significantly matters when the video, combined with the lyrics, conveys exactly what the band are aiming to show.

The video is majorly shot in back and white, with splashes of colour signifying the revolt from man against the drones, shown by flares and gas canisters during the rioting response. Now I don’t for a second believe that a group of rioters could stop military personal featuring tanks and drones but it does make for an interesting video that visually looks incredible in HD and with its huge production it could be a taster for their Drones World Tour in 2016.

The video, exclusively released on Apple Music, was accompanied by a 360 degree virtual reality version to be viewed on the VRSE app. Although this technology is relatively new, the results are very good and gives takes the viewer experience and interaction to a new level – even if the song or video aren’t to your taste I’d recommend you to check out the other virtual reality videos, including a U2 track.

Overall, the sum of the components outweighs the individual parts – with the song lyrics working especially well with the video plot. An average song, but a great video.

Watch the video for ‘Revolt’ exclusively via Apple Music, and listen to the track below.


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