Review: Major Lazer feat. MØ – ‘Lost’

Creative and fun

A fun, chilled out track which completely transforms the original, although is not quite at the same high standard.

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This brave cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Lost’ by producers Major Lazer introduces summery reggae grooves and smooth vocals from the Danish singer MØ . Although not as cool as the RnB original, MØ ‘s vocals do a good job at creating a seductive atmosphere that compliments this cool electronic track.

After the world wide success of ‘Lean On’, it is hard not to compare the two songs by these artists. Undoubtedly, ‘Lean On’ is the better song, a summer anthem with catchy hooks and infectious rhythm.

However, that doesn’t mean ‘Lost’ isn’t fun at all, and it definitely has dancing potential. Major Lazer have done a very impressive job to give this cover their trademark electro mix without it sounding disjointed, so it is a good listen if you are a fan of the groups previous music. This track has good vibes typical for Major Lazer with MØ ‘s haunting vocals adding another dimension, creating a unique mix.

Fan’s of Ocean might appreciate this track for it new angle on the song and its complete reinvention, although they will understandably prefer the original, with it suave RnB rhythm and smooth vocals. Overall this is a very fun cover, which has been craftily recreated by talented producers with perfect vocals, but is not quite on the same level as their previous global hit.

‘Lost’ is out now via Mad Decent.


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