The Edge’s Advent Calendar: The crowning champion of Christmas ads, 2015


With December comes the time of the traditional Christmas adverts. As it is always a sensible subject to classify those by order of preferences, I preferred to talk of the famous and most expected ones namely John Lewis and Sainsbury’s as well as one that I particularly enjoyed the BBC Christmas ads.

John Lewis’ Christmas ads has always been the first to come out and the most expected one. Indeed, if last year our heart melted for a penguin meeting his soulmate, this year the brand tried something more sentimental with melancholic touch:  «an old man alone on the moon and a little girl sending him a field-glass by balloons so that he will feel less lonely during Christmas time».

On the contrary Sainsbury’s was more imaginative and funnier this year with the story of Mog the cat destroying its house and the turkey because of a nightmare, finally the family still have the possibility to celebrate Christmas thanks to the kindness of their neighbours and relatives. I must say it made me think of the first act in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Indeed, the British Christmas mood is in my opinion more represented in this ads than in the John Lewis one.

Finally, the BBC’s ad is definitely worth mentioning. The TV channel offered this year an ingenious ad starring a lonely brussel sprout who is rejected by everyone on Christmas day and finally find company for the celebration at a dinner with the famous stars from BBC (including Sherlock, Luther, Mary Berry and The Doctor). This Sprout Boy is a lucky one !

It is of course worth nothing that all those ads try send us only one message: Christmas is a time to share, a time of solidarity and kindness, a time when even a brussel sprout can find someone for the upcoming celebration. A time that no one should spend alone.


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