Review: Pitbull – ‘Messin’ Around’


If you are a Pitbull fan, you will like his new single.

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In Pitbull’s latest single, ‘Messin’ Around’, he has once again teamed up with Enrique Iglesias in an attempt to create another catchy club tune. If you were hoping that Mr. Worldwide has come far from his days of producing songs such as ‘Hotel Room Service’ and rhyming Kodak with Kodak in ‘Give Me Everything’, you would be wrong.

The song begins with Pitbull introducing Iglesias and shouting out his alternative name, “Mr. Worldwide”, whilst a piano plays chords in the background alongside a drum beat. After this self promotion, Iglesias croons the chorus which has been unexpectedly sourced from REO Speedwagon’s ‘Take It On The Run’ single. As the track develops, Pitbull primarily raps about different ways he can be turned on; a topic that Mr. Worldwide likes to address in a fair few of his songs.

‘Messin’ Around’ is about a girl finding love and moving on with someone new, whilst Pitbull and Iglesias are supposedly hooking up with multiple people instead of settling down. Once again, Mr. Worldwide has put together another song to do with women and his apparent love life. But what else could really be expected in a Pitbull track? 

Pitbull’s ‘Messin’ Around’ is rumoured to be included on his next album Climate Change, which is due to be released later this year. If the rest of the album is set to be like his latest single, it would be fair to say that Pitbull will not be bringing anything new to the music industry.

‘Messin’ Around’ is out now via RCA.


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