Music Video Review: ‘In My Head’ by We Are Scientists

A tad odd

We Are Scientists are back with their new video for 'In My Head', a dizzy venture into a world of weird which seems to miss whatever point it was they were aiming for. Still, it's kind of amusing at parts. Kind of.

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Californian-born duo We Are Scientists have just released their video for ‘In My Head’ – the latest track from their fifth album, Helter Seltzer. What results is a rather trippy, dizzying three and a half minutes of the two staring disturbingly at the camera, doubling, tripling and quadrupling themselves; wearing masks and costumes which I’m sure has some kind of subliminal meaning.

We start with a close up of frontman Keith Murray standing a little too close for comfort to us (god, has no one told him about the bubble?). With partner in crime Chris Cain sitting to his left, holding a guitar, we start swirling around to make a 360 of Keith as he begins singing. And we swirl and swirl and swirl, round and round and round for the entirety of the song’s three and a half minutes, whirling past multiple Chris’s who each brandish strange masks and headwear (options include: moose masks, skull masks, bowler hats complete with attached antlers; the works) and several odd looking motifs (gold cows, candles, skeletons… I could go on) which appear from a seemingly never-ending landscape of weird. Well, I guess that’s one way to describe it.

Even so, weird doesn’t always equal spectacular. It definitely doesn’t always equal good. Maybe the video was always fated to be kind of unimpressive, given the similar state of the song accompanying it. And I’m really sorry Keith, the back of your head is lovely, honestly, but it isn’t that interesting. I don’t want to have to look at it every ten seconds whilst you stare into the depths of wherever it is you’re facing with that fake deep sigh painted over your eyes – which, by the way – I also have to look at every other ten seconds. It just gets so terrifically boring after a while.

All in all, ‘In My Head’ captures a handful of your attention for about twenty seconds whilst you try and figure out what on earth is happening or why on earth you clicked on the video to begin with. Of course, maybe I’m being just a tad harsh. ‘In My Head’ is boring, there can be no doubt about this, but it’s kind of clever, kind of funny and very dizzying. Motion sickness sufferers, beware.

Watch the video for ‘In My Head’ below.


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