Review: Nas, Dave East, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Aloe Blacc – ‘Wrote My Way Out’


One of the latest pre-releases from the upcoming Hamilton Mixtape, this track brings four artists together well around a refrain from one of the musical's original tracks.

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One of the pre-released tracks from the upcoming Hamilton Mixtape, ‘Wrote My Way Out’ takes its title, piano melody, and basic theme from the song ‘Hurricane’ in the Broadway musical Hamilton. Like Alexander Hamilton in his song, each of the four artists featured on this record tell the story of how they wrote their way out of their respective struggles. The track is full of references to previous work, with Nas alluding to his second album It Was Written, and Miranda referencing the plot of In The Heights, his first musical, as well as what are presumably his childhood inspirations: the musical Rent and the storybook Where The Wild Things Are.

Each man also talks of the general struggles of their childhood (such as experiences with racism and bullying), telling the stories not just of Hamilton or themselves, but the ‘real story’ of all the people like them and what they’d had to go through to get to where they are. Coupled with samples from the musical and an uplifting beat, ‘Wrote My Way Out’ is definitely one of my favourites to be released from The Hamilton Mixtape so far, carrying some very important and inspirational messages especially in the context of Donald Trump’s recent electoral victory. It reminds us that, even through the grey times ahead, there will always be a shining beacon in the talents of people like Miranda.

‘Wrote My Way Out’ is out now via Atlantic Records


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