The Edge’s List of 2018: Cosmo Pyke


Cosmo Pyke is only 18 years old and already brags a status as a model, artist, and musician. Hailing from Peckham in South London, the storytelling aspect of the songwriter may dominate his tracks (See ‘Social Sites’), but it is the sound and soulfully deep voice of the 18-year-old that causes us to expect big things from him next year. Just look at his most recent track, ‘Great Dane’. The jazz-inspired sound of Pyke grows with each new track, and it’s the laid-back vibe of ‘Great Dane’ which sums up the artist entirely. If you’re a lover of jazz and tracks which tell truths about the lives we tend to lead, it’s worth giving this singer/songwriter a listen. With his debut EP Just Cosmo, dropping at the start of last year, there’s plenty to get acquainted with until he gives us some new material.

But for now, go on Spotify, or Apple Music, or whatever streaming service you use and give Cosmo Pyke a listen so you can tell your friends you heard him before he was cool.

Cosmo Pyke is signed to 70Hz Recordings. Catch him at The Garage in London on January 31st – tickets here. Check out more of The Edge‘s List for 2018 here.


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