Review: The Vaccines – ‘Nightclub’


The Vaccines have released a stereotypical short and punchy song, but it is hindered by a rushed and unpleasant chorus.

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The Vaccines have released their second single of the year with ‘Nightclub’. The track is infectious and hurried, as is everything the band seems to produce, but falls slightly short of the mark set by their forthcoming album’s lead single ‘I Can’t Quit’.

No band on the planet love a short and explosive burst of energy as much as London-based indie rock outfit The Vaccines, with the likes of ‘If You Wanna’ and ‘Post Break-Up Sex’ both being fewer than three minutes long, whilst ‘Norgaard’ and ‘Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’ are so punchy that they don’t even require two whole minutes to make their mark. So, in typical The Vaccines style, the band have endeavoured to recreate a small package of dynamite, this time in the shape of ‘Nightclub’. Whilst the song offers up a trademark impulsive and volatile beat that immediately gets you off your feet, the eye-watering screech of the chorus soon makes you question whether you’re actually enjoying listening at all. The fault here is that they’ve tried to cram too much into a small space. The song has all the right ingredients to make it an instantly successful indie anthem, but the chorus is so rushed and not thought out that the song as a whole is significantly hindered. Surely if the band just lingered on the chorus a bit, rather than repeating the howls of “And it makes my head feel like a nightclub/ It makes my head feel like a nightclub” over and over, they would have a song that would drive the upcoming album Combat Sports to instant success. That being said, it is so easy to imagine frontman Justin Hayward-Young prowling across the stage and bursting out this song to a hoard of roaring fans, with ‘Nightclub’ sure to seamlessly slide into any The Vaccines setlist.

The Vaccines’ latest single ‘Nightclub’ is available now via Sony


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