On Edge: Anticipating Childish Gambino’s Final Album


After dedicating the majority of his time to writing comedy drama Atlanta and acting in Star Wars movies, Donald Glover is still somehow finding time to work on a new Childish Gambino album. That being said, unfortunately this is thought to be his last work under his moniker. Though we do not know the possible title of his work, nor when this album will be released, it is rumoured to be at some point before the end of 2018: I’ve already bought my tickets for his upcoming tour, and am patiently waiting for the album to drop.

After seeing his headline performance at Lovebox festival earlier this year, it seems pretty clear that Gambino is hoping to transition his music from rap to more psychedelic R&B soul funk music, much like his hits ‘Redbone’ and ‘Me and Your Muma’, so it seems likely that the album will take the same route. However, Gambino has never been one to stick to what is expected of him, as we know from his political statement in form of music video ‘This is America’. It is more than likely that the recent single will feature on the new album, along with (hopefully!) a long awaited Chance the Rapper collaboration which was teased all the way back in February.

After reading a few interviews, it seems fairly clear that Glover is ending the musical chapter of his life to focus on more projects in other areas in the entertainment industry. Though Gaminbo’s music, in my opinion, has been his greatest project, all I can hope for is that he gives this chapter a fitting ending: creating an album filled with articulate lyrics and discussing concepts that not many musical artists feel comfortable with. Gambino has been impressing audiences with his extraordinary ability to rap and sing ever since releasing his first album Camp in 2011, though his music has certainly changed over the years through 2013’s Because The Internet and 2016’s “Awaken, My Love!”. No two albums have the same sound, which makes his new work all the more exciting. Not only is Gambino a storyteller when writing fiction TV shows, but also through his contribution to hip-hop and music videos, and that’s why no matter what he puts his mind to, he seems to impress.

Though I’m disappointed, much like the rest of Gambino’s fans, with the news of this tour and album being his last, I am extremely excited to see what he produces in one of the most anticipated albums of 2018. And though he does intend to leave music behind, this wont be the last we see of Glover, with his protagonist role as Simba in The Lion King and season three of Atlanta on the way in 2019.

Tickets for Gambino’s date at the O2 are currently sold out, but you can keep an eye on tickets here.


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