The Edge’s List of 2019: The Japanese House


The Japanese House, a.k.a 23-year-old Amber Bain, is one of the most promising indie-pop artists out there, and one of the most deserving of a big slice of 2019 success. With four shining EPs released over the last four years, Pools To Bathe In, Clean, Swim Against The Tideand Saw You In A Dream, Bain has built a solid foundation for her career and contoured her musical and lyrical style with a wonderful maturity – and this healthy growth is bound to explode on March 1st, when she releases her debut album Good At Falling.

It’s very easy to recognise a song by The Japanese House: featuring deep vocals harmonised to an almost hypnotic effect, lyrics that could be taken out of poetry books, and a carefully woven mix of guitars, keys, and electronic synths, Bain has created a unique, soft sound that is set to send you floating into a state of dreamy reflection. If the first three singles from Good At Falling, ‘Lilo’, ‘Follow My Girl’, and ‘Maybe You’re The Reason’ are anything to go by, we can expect Bain’s debut album to bring this style to new heights – whether smooth or groovy, her fresh singles have a newfound depth that we can safely assume will be further showcased by her album.

Make no mistake, The Japanese House isn’t an unknown name. With over a million and a half monthly listeners on Spotify, she has built her own following. She has been in great company as well, signed to Dirty Hit alongside The 1975, Wolf Alice, and Pale Waves, and with many of her tracks being co-produced alongside The 1975’s George Daniel. After years of work, The Japanese House has perfectly aligned the stars for her debut album, and is set to bring dream pop back into the mainstream in 2019.

Good At Falling will be available from March 1st via Dirty Hit.


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