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It’s quality over quantity this week in records – although it’s a slower week, we have some big releases all the same.  With new albums from Feeder and The Regrettes to enjoy, it’s a good week for album releases.  Looking at pop, we have another new single from Katy Perry and up-and-coming YEBBA, as well as Lana Del Rey’s contribution to horror.  This week also brings the return of TOOL to streaming services, after years of resisting the digital download.  Let’s have a listen…

Feeder – Tallulah

Two decades after their formation, Feeder are going back to their roots and reflecting on what first inspired them as artists.  The result: a refreshing album with the kind of energy that gets you moving.  And this is what opens the album with ‘Youth’, full of the motivation of young artists trying to make their name, with the nostalgia of artists who have already done it.  There’s a truly electric feeling on this record.

Tallulah is a mix of alternative genres – indie, garage and punk all present in some way right from the very beginning.  ‘Blue Sky Blue’ taps into this influence and stands out as an addictively anthemic track.  Lyrics and production are balanced in a way that could only come from a band with the experience of Feeder, but without compromising the freshness and vibrancy of the record.

‘Fear of Flying’ is another highlight of Tallulah, beginning with slow and powerful guitars which continue to grab your attention throughout the track.  The work put into creating this music really shines throughout.  At the end, Feeder eventually slow down a bit with ‘Lonely Hollow Days’ to conclude the latest release.  It’s a message that we need to embrace life and live in the moment (although they don’t sound as cheesy as I just did).  Tallulah is another alternative summer record that we’ve been blessed with recently, and there’s no doubt that this is a must-listen.

Feeder’s Tallulah is out now via Believe.

The Regrettes – How Do You Love?

The Regrettes are becoming one of the hottest names in modern punk over in America, and their upbeat alternative sound is quickly making its way here too, following a spot supporting Twenty One Pilots on their latest tour.  With their latest record, How Do You Love? comes their very own UK tour which will be gracing Southampton in November.

Sorry, I’m just going to have a breakdown over the fact that lead singer Lydia Night is younger than me.  A fact I just learned.  Anyway…

How Do You Love? starts not with punk but with poetry, and it’s beautiful.  Lydia Night is one of the most talented lyricists in the scene and we all need to appreciate the talent of The Regrettes.  ‘California Friends’ follows this with equally perfected lyrics, this time with upbeat guitars to accompany them.  The whole album radiates love and infatuation, a shining example of romantic punk rock.

The softer subject matters do not oppose the heavier sound that the band are known for, although tracks like ‘Coloring Book’ offer the listener a moment to breathe among the electric energy coming from the album.  For such a young band, they have no fear of switching it up a little bit, and this variation makes them endlessly engaging as a group.  ‘Pumpkin’ is one of my personal favourites on How Do You Love?.  Again, this track is slower musically but the vocals hold all of the punk energy that we’ve previously heard.  It’s a beautiful mix of sad-rock guitars and harsher vocals.  This is one of the nicest albums I’ve heard all year – don’t miss out.

The Regrettes’ How Do You Love? is out now via Warner Bros.

Katy Perry – ‘Small Talk’

Look, I’m never going to give up on Katy Perry.  I stand by that One of the Boys, Teenage Dream and PRISM are some of the best pop albums of their time.  After the less-than-successful Witness I still held out hope that things would get better.  But unfortunately with the release of ‘Never Really Over’ and this week, ‘Small Talk’, my wishes remain unfulfilled.  ‘Small Talk’ is bland and repetitive compared with the golden age of Katy Perry.  Her newest releases haven’t been memorable and haven’t shown off her lyrical and vocal talents.  One of the lines is just “blah blah blah blah”, and I think that says it best.  But you can bet I’m not giving up hope.

Katy Perry’s ‘Small Talk’ is out now via Capitol Records.

Lana Del Rey – ‘Season Of The Witch’

Love of our lives Lana Del Rey has brought us Halloween in August with her musical contribution to upcoming horror fill Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. She always has the ability to create powerful aesthetics through her lyrics and sound, and ‘Season Of The Witch’ is a Southern Gothic dream.

The vocals are just soft enough to be creepy, but the music vibrant enough to create a really unique feeling in this song.  The only way I can describe this is that this track makes me feel like I’m in a small rural town in the deep south where all the urban legends are true and everything is haunted.  Which is exactly how I want to feel listening to music.  Probably the weirdest way to describe a song, but this is what Lana does.  Roll on the next album.

Lana Del Rey’s ‘Season Of The Witch’ is out now via Polydor.

TOOL – ‘Fear Inoculum’

On a happy day for metal fans, TOOL’s entire discography is now available on streaming services, after being one of the last bands to hold out on digital downloads.  And first on the list is ‘Fear Inoculum’, the first track of their first album in 13 years.  The song surprises no one with its flawless guitar which is undoubtedly the track’s priority.  It’s probably also a good time to mention that ‘Fear Inoculum’ is 10 minutes long, so prepare yourself.  As the track progresses, the sound gets heavier and more precise, even if the vocally it doesn’t build up in the same way.

TOOL’s ‘Fear Inoculum’ is out now via RCA Records Label.

YEBBA – ‘Where Do You Go’

Most of YEBBA’s success has come, so far, from collaborations with artists like Ed Sheeran and Mark Ronson, and her latest single ‘Where Do You Go’ lives up to this track record.  It’s soft pop, with just the slightest hint of an electro edge. Her vocals are flawless and ethereal, building their power in the emotional choruses. YEBBA is one of the most frequently heard names when it comes to up-and-coming artists, so it’s exciting to see where she’s going to take us next.

YEBBA’s ‘Where Do You Go’ is out now via Abbey Smith Publishing.

Other Selected Releases


Grace VanderWaal – ‘Waste My Time’
Labyrinth & Zendaya – ‘All For Us’
Megan Thee Stallion ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign – ‘Hot Girl Summer’
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – ‘This is the Place’
Pixies – ‘Catfish Kate’


Bon Iver – i,i
GRLwood – I Sold My Soul To The Devil When I Was 12
Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

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