This Week In Records (13/10/2019) – Harry Styles, Hayley Kiyoko & YUNGBLUD


Another week goes by, and there’s still no word from Kanye.  I’m starting to think that this album isn’t real at all.  In fact, it’s having an effect on everyone else too, because there’s not a single album I can bring myself to write about this week.  So here I am, ready to tell you all about singles instead.  Don’t blame me, blame Kanye, and apparently every other musician.  But even in the bleakest of times, Harry Styles comes through and blesses us with his new song, which I hope will be quickly followed by an album.  Other firm favourites like Hayley Kiyoko, FKA twigs and YUNGBLUD have come out with new tracks too, in solidarity with this bleak and albumless week.  And of course, where there’s a Green Day release, there’s an incoherent essay of mixed emotions from yours truly.  Happy listening everyone!

Harry Styles – ‘Lights Up’

Harry Styles is single-handedly ruining my reputation for having only the Edgiest songs on my Spotify and I’m not even upset.  I’ve been saying since his debut solo album that he’s the icon of our generation, and ‘Lights Up’ has done nothing to change my mind.  It’s a different vibe to what we’ve heard from his previous solo work (and very different to the One Direction days, of course), although since we heard a few different sounds on his self-titled album this doesn’t come as a surprise.  ‘Lights Up’ has real heart, and somehow manages to capture joy and melancholy at the same time.  In this track, Harry pitches the hard questions: “Do you know who you are?”.  Although his sudden philosophy will catch you off guard, the whole track has a real feeling of freedom to it.  The music video is certainly worth mentioning too, alternating between the singer’s typically flawless outfits and seductive (and very shirtless) dancing with men and women as the new song plays dreamily.  Harry Styles is back and thriving, ready to reach new heights, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Harry Style’s ‘Lights Up’ is out now via Columbia Records.

Hayley Kiyoko – ‘Demons’

Hayley Kiyoko has released another song ahead of even more music, proving once and for all that she’s not yet ready to take a break.  ‘Demons’ was released alongside the announcement that she will be releasing a collection of songs between now and December for a project entitled I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit.  From this we can assume that her songs will be as soulful and relatable as ever.  ‘Demons’ gets the project off to a good start, an almost Halloween-themed track about the darkness of mental illness.  Although I’m not super in love with the vocal effects on this song, it has a real spooky vibe that we haven’t heard from Hayley before now.  The lyrics are dark, and this song will make a fun addition to any Halloween playlists that you’re in the process of curating.

Hayley Kiyoko’s ‘Demons’ is out now via EMPIRE.

Yungblud feat. Dan Reynolds – ‘Original Me’

YUNGBLUD seeks collaboration on this latest track ahead of his upcoming EP, the underrated youth, calling on Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds to create this electric rock anthem.  It starts with a strong drum beat and YUNGBLUD’s typical pop-punk vocals, soon to be joined by the rough indie rock stylings of Dan Reynolds.  The chorus is on fire, with complementary vocals that scream their feelings to the listener.  Then suddenly, it cuts off before you know it, just before jumping back into the high energy of this rock anthem.  This is rock music in its most youthful, modern form.  If this is what we we’re getting from his EP (out next week), then its release cannot come soon enough.

YUNGBLUD’s ‘original me’ featuring Dan Reynolds is out now via Locomotion Recordings.

Green Day – ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’

I think you all need to brace yourself for essays every time Green Day release a track from their upcoming album Father of All…, and since it’s due to land in February 2020, while I’m still Records Editor, there is no end in sight for my mad ramblings.  See my previous waffle here.

With this track, my feelings are basically the same as they were with ‘Father Of All…’.  Green Day are changing their sound in this record and I’m not fully sold.  It’s likely that the more I listen to it, the more I’ll like it, but it will never have the same hold on my heart as so many of their songs do.  I’m not going to be one of those people that claims that anything after 21st Century Breakdown is garbage.  The trilogy had some of Billie Joe Armstrong’s finest vocal work and Revolution Radio is one of my favourite albums of all time.  Time will tell on this one, and a few songs that aren’t my cup of tea will never outweigh the fact that this is my favourite band in the world.

Green Day’s ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ is out now via Warner Music.

FKA twigs – ‘home with you’

FKA twigs has long been a firm favourite in the electro-art-pop world, but I have to say, listening to this latest release, I’m just not convinced.  Her soft vocals are for a particular taste in music, and if you aren’t loving it then it’s unlikely that ‘home with you’ will evoke much feeling.  The lyrics in this track are incredibly strong.  FKA twigs always manages to hit it out of the park for her fans, and ‘home with you’ will do exactly the same.  Jumping between gentle melodies and a heavier build up, the song takes you on a sonic journey.  So, if you’re a fan of her soft-indie vocal style then this track is a playlist essential.

FKA twigs’ ‘home with you’ is out now via Young Turks Recordings.

Other Selected Releases


Camila Cabello – ‘Easy’
Cigarettes After Sex – ‘Falling in Love’
James Blunt – ‘I Told You’


Elbow – Giants of all Sizes

Yep. That’s it.

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