Hidden Gem: Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’


January 17th 2020 marked a strong return to the music scene for London Indie-rock band Bombay Bicycle Club, as they released their fifth album entitled Everything Else Has Gone Wrong. The album proves how sometimes a hiatus is necessary to allow a band to flourish in the future. In 2016, Bombay Bicycle Club announced they would be going on an indefinite hiatus, breaking my 16-year-old heart (sadly the indie-rock scene was my life throughout high school and college; I lived and breathed it). Although I was at this point devastated, their new album makes up for the years I was without the soft, melodic rock produced by the four-piece.

After being given a slot on stage at V-Festival in 2006, having won the ‘Road to V’ competition, the band began to infiltrate the indie-rock circles that included bands such as The Kooks and The Klaxons. Although this opportunity gave the band notability, they released two EPs on their own record label Mmm… Records which struggled to make it onto the radio. These EPs were; The Boy I Used to Be (2007) and How We Are (2008). I would recommend giving these a listen as they show the progress the band has made in over 10 years in comparison to their new tracks

2010 was a big year for Bombay Bicycle Club as they released their single ‘Ivy and Gold’. This was the first song I had heard from the band and I am sure many of you may know this song too as it played numerous times on BBC Radio 1’s A-List. In the same year, Bombay Bicycle Club won the award for ‘Best New Band’ at the 2010 NME awards after the success of their top 10 album ‘Flaws’ (2010).

In January 2019, the band released a statement that they would be reuniting and followed with the exciting release of ‘Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)’, a track off the then soon to be released album Everything Else Has Gone Wrong. The album blends the indie roots of Bombay Bicycle Club’s original style with the ever-increasing popular method of produced rock.

The title track echoes the summer style of songs you would expect to hear on the latest FIFA game. It epitomises the height of summertime by using delicate drums and melodic guitar, with Jack Steadman’s vocals aligning beautifully. Specific track recommendations I have to mention include ‘I Can Hardly Speak’ and ‘Do You Feel Loved?’

The album echoes the 80s dream-pop vibes of bands such as Swim Deep and Blossoms, whilst injecting an essence of produced pop. The album maintains a strong balance between dream-like a real with the second track of the album, ‘Is It Real’ exploring the changing times and the fast-progression of life in the modern world. The music video reflects the meaning of the album, depicting the band as young kids learning their love of all things music. The video comes to an end with more found footage of the band playing one of their first gigs in a small club, this compares greatly to the headline slot they are intended to have this May at All Points East Festival 2020.

Everything Else Has Gone Wrong is an album that should be on everyone’s radar, especially those who live for tunes that allow them to sit back, relax and enjoy the feeling of summer in this not-quite spring weather.

Bombay Bicycle Club’s Everything Else Has Gone Wrong is out now via Mmm… RecordsWatch the official music video of ‘Is It Real’ below.


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