If You Enjoyed: Blossoms – ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’


Earlier this year, British indie-rock band Blossoms released their third studio album Foolish Loving Spaces (2020). Similar to that of their previous albums, I was instantly hooked on the catchy melodies and the upbeat charm of the band’s style, making the album one of my favourites this year so far! Foolish Loving Spaces showed a clear variety for Blossoms, with tracks ranging from the fast pop sound of ‘If You Think This is Real Life’ to the almost gospel yet still guitar-heavy ‘The Keeper’. The album helped the band to open their style up even more than before, experimenting with more choral and produced tracks.

If you’re a big fan of Blossoms just like I am, or maybe just the indie-rock genre, check out the selection of tracks that I have outlined below which I believe are hidden gems from perhaps lesser-known bands with similar styles.

The Lathums – ‘I Know That Much’

I first discovered The Lathums through ‘Spotify Radio’ whilst listening to Blossoms and instantly got drawn into their style. ‘I Know That Much’, from their recent Fight On (2020) EP, brings similar vibes to that of Blossoms summery style. The dreamy guitar riff highlights the soft tones of the lead vocals in a way that captures you into the calming but catchy tune.

The Academic – ‘Anything Could Happen’

I only recently found this song when I stumbled upon The Academic, an indie band from Mullingar in Ireland, whilst curating a playlist full of summery tunes to listen to whilst relaxing outside in this incredibly hot weather. Their most recent single ‘Anything Could Happen’ is an absolutely perfect song for such an occasion. The use of melodic guitar and upbeat lyrics blend subtly to create a bright atmosphere that matches a lovely summer’s day.


Vistas – ‘Sucker’

Scottish indie-rock band Vistas were introduced to me by a close friend after the release of their most recent album Everything Changes in the End (2020). The album is definitely one to check out, however, a song that stood out to me and is reminiscent of the sound and style of Blossoms is the catchy track entitled ‘Sucker’. Again, the summery vibe of the song is what always catches my attention and I think it would be difficult to listen to the song and not feel somewhat more positive due to its upbeat rhythm. Also bonus points to Vistas for the brilliant, quirky video!


Gengahr – ‘Heavenly Maybe’

Hackney indie-rock band Genghar recently released their incredible studio album Sanctuary (2020) and with this came the unbelievably catchy single ‘Heavenly Maybe’. ‘Heavenly Maybe’ is slightly different to the other songs I have outlined, in the way that it correlates more to the funky, produced pop sounds of some of Blossoms tracks. The song could almost pass off as a dance track through its rhythmic drum machine and dreamy vocals.



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