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We here at The Edge are no strangers to giving our favourite local bands some love. Southampton is truly blessed to have such a rocking and brilliant music scene, not only in terms of venues but also in the masses of talent in the city. Here’s a few of our number 1’s for you to check out!

Our Propaganda

Southampton-based 4-piece Our Propaganda, who were due to appear at this year’s Edgetival, deserve a lot more attention than what they currently achieve. Despite having only one full, official EP release out, called Keep Spreading It (2016), the 5 songs demonstrate the range and success of their talent.

Opening with ‘Queen of Artisans’, the chorus of which is instantly memorable, the tone of the EP is set; loud, powerful, and energetic. The next 4 songs all portray these similar traits but manage to maintain their individuality through the vocal melodies present.

The two tracks that stand out most prominently on Keep Spreading It are ‘Elemental’ and ‘I-Generation’. Both differ in their melodies quite significantly, with the latter more reminiscent of 80s rock, whilst ‘Elemental’ maintains a strong, modern vibe. Despite these differences, they present an equal amount of energy, making songs which would be undoubtedly flawless to witness live.

Their music offers power, passion and addictive melodies – what more could you ask for?

Georgie Holmes

Check out Keep Spreading It down below.


Artemis are an all-female alternative rock band based in Southampton. Currently students at Solent University, they’ve been taking the Southampton music scene by storm, performing at venues such as The Hobbit and Heartbreakers. The foursome have released a new single ‘Reckless (Moan For Me)’, an aggressive punk single bringing the amazing musicality of Frankie Linton (guitar), Fenella Saunders (drums) Hannah Abecassis (bass) to the forefront. To further add to the track Yiana Schultze vocals pound through and their angelic voice is a true standout. Other songs they have released include ‘Hold Me Down’ which takes on a less aggressive tone but is just as powerful! Artemis are a local act to check out due to their ability to create such soulful and brilliant music despite only being founded in February 2019. In just over a year they have released tracks that are well-polished and are exceptional especially for four young creatives in this industry. Be sure to check them out by following their journey on Facebook and Instagram.

Morgan McMillan

Check out Artemis’ single ‘Reckless (Moan For Me)’ down below.

The Pretty Dark

The Pretty Dark are another banger of a Southampton-based band that you should definitely check out. I originally discovered them through The Edgetival lineup, and since then I’ve been a pretty big fan. Their EP, Poetry in Crime, released this past January, gives me airy, Razorlight-esque vibes, with high strung guitars, light lilting vocals from lead singer Robbie, and damn catchy melodies. They’re also killer at big build ups. Just see the bridge of ‘Addicted’ for evidence of this. The building drums, lilting guitar and steady backing vocals make for a perfect ending to an already great song. ‘Sailing’ has got to be a favourite of mine; the repeating line ‘I keep sailing on’ is impossible to get out of your head. Their music is chilled out, but not to the point that you wanna fall asleep to it; more of a summer day on the beach, or a cute picnic on the common, kind of vibe. If you’re looking for some good local indie-rock and folk this summer, The Pretty Dark are the band for you.

Check out Poetry in Crime down below.


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