This Week in Records (11/10/2020) – AC/DC, Greta Van Fleet and Stevie Nicks


Howdy, everyone! After a brief 2 week break due to the stresses of uni (woohoo final year), I am BACK with my latest takes on the newest tunes of the week. This week is certainly one for 70s nostalgia, with new tracks from legends AC/DC and Stevie Nicks, as well as a new tune from 70s inspired rock band, Greta Van Fleet. And, of course, there are new tracks from Anderson .Paak and YUNGBLUD too for us to take a look at. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on this week’s new releases.

TUNE OF THE WEEK – AC/DC – ‘Shot in the Dark’

They’re back guys! They’re finally back! AC/DC has returned in all it’s glory with an absolute banger of a new track, with God himself Brian Johnson finally back at the helm. Bringing all the classic sounds of 70s/80s rock with them with their newest track ‘Shot in the Dark’, AC/DC have certainly returned with a bang. ‘Shot in the Dark’ has a brilliant guitar riff, and a darn BEAUTIFUL solo, courtesy of course of rock legend Angus Young, and those classic rock iconic backing choruses, making you feel just like you’re back in the legendary era of rock n’ roll. After a somewhat *ahem* questionable era with Axl Rose a few years back, I for one am overwhelmingly happy to see AC/DC back at their best, and can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

‘Shot in the Dark’ is available to listen to now via Leidseplein Presse.

Greta Van Fleet – ‘My Way, Soon’

If you’re a rock fan, you kind of have to of heard of Greta Van Fleet by now, The new-age Led Zeppelin equivalent, crooning 70s classic rock stylings right into your ears, the band have been active now for a few years and stick firmly to the vintage 70s aesthetic in both style and sound. ‘My Way, Soon’, their first release since 2019’s ‘Always There’, is another rock banger, this time centred on a theme of journeying forward. I’m just hoping this means they’re journeying forward to another album release because I tell you I am DESPERATE for one. With a cracking guitar tune, heavy drums and Josh Kiszka’s classic high vocals, it’s Greta Van Fleet at their best through and through.

‘My Way, Soon’ is available to listen to now via Republic Records.

Stevie Nicks – ‘Show Them The Way’

If you need to know anything about me, it’s that I am a massive Fleetwood Mac fan. Stevie Nicks is my lord and saviour, no question. Arguably one of the biggest names in the rock scene, she’s back with her newest, laidback track, ‘Show Them The Way’.

With a quiet backing, the song shows off Nicks’ legendary, sharp vocals, and her poignant lyrics. ‘Show Them The Way’ is definitely a protest song, with Nicks calling for God to ‘please show them the way’, ‘them’ being those who seek to oppress and discriminate against others. With references to figures of peace like Martin Luther King, Nicks is very obviously alluding to the world’s long history of racism and calling for a stop to it. 

A sense of hopefulness seeps throughout the song, with its building strings and drums, and quiet mantra of ‘Peace can come if you really want it’, and a firm statement of ‘Don’t forget it, don’t forget, what we were fighting for’. Nicks calls for us to remember the fights of those before us, and to continue them in their stead. Stevie Nicks is no stranger to calling for peace in her music, and the dreamy yet stern sound of ‘Show Them The Way’ is no different. It feels hopeful, rather than despairing, speaking of optimism for a better world if we all just try and make it so; a powerful message for a powerful song.

‘Show Them The Way’ is available to listen to now via BMG.

Anderson .Paak – ‘JEWELZ’

Every time I listen to an Anderson .Paak song I feel like I have to listen to his whole discography all over again. His music is that addictive. ‘JEWELZ’ is no different, with it’s funky, toe-tapping beat with the signature Anderson .Paak funk guitar strums and snazzy drum beats, and catchy lyrics. He’s one of the few artists that I just can’t seem to get enough of; his persona bleeds through his songs and into you, making you feel effortlessly cool wherever you go if you’ve got him rapping into your headphones. I will say my one gripe with the song is that I think it relies a little too much on the electronic effect on .Paak’s voice; his natural voice, like we see in songs like ‘Jet Black’ and ‘Till It’s Over’, is damn good, and I think this was the perfect opportunity to let it shine.

‘JEWELZ’ is available to listen to now via 12 Tone Music.

YUNGBLUD – ‘cotton candy’

Following on from his last single ‘God save me, but don’t drown me out’, YUNGBLUD is back with the next release from his upcoming album, Weird!; ‘cotton candy’. Even though I’m not as keen on this song as I was on the aforementioned previous tune of the week, ‘cotton candy’ is still a good tune.

The song is led by a repeating catchy guitar riff and accompanying catchy chorus, with sickly sweet lines like ‘I wanna get stuck between your teeth like cotton candy’ and a good ol’ repeating melody of ‘I’m losing myself in you, in you, in you, I know’. The song is certainly a bit more cheesy than some of YUNGBLUD’s other releases, but that’s not always a bad thing; a bit of cliche is fun sometimes! I also, as I’ve said before, am just such a fan of YUNGBLUD’s theme of layering vocals. It creates a well rounded and satisfying line delivery, especially when listening with headphones in, and allows YUNGBLUD to show off his vocals without looking too flashy. Overall, a good, almost summery tune.

‘cotton candy’ is available to listen to now via Locomotion Recordings. 



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Jamie Cullum – ‘Turn on the Lights’

Billie Joe Armstrong – ‘War Stories’

Labrinth – ‘No Ordinary’

Little Mix – ‘Not a Pop Song’


Blue Oyster Cult – The Symbol Remains

Five Finger Death Punch – A Decade of Destruction Vol. 2

John Lennon – Gimme Some Truth

Travis – 10 Songs

Touche Amore – Lament

Mac DeMarco – Other Here Comes The Cowboy Demos

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