The Ultimate Cleaning Playlist


I find it incredibly hard to motivate myself when it comes to cleaning the house. I mean, I share my uni house with 6 lads, which make things interesting to say the very least.

However, music is a Godsend when I do finally pluck up the courage to get some cleaning done. Although it might seem random (and to be completely honest, it is!) I thought I should share my ultimate top 5 cleaning tunes below:

‘Highway To Hell’ – AC/DC

This is the most fitting song to play when I crack out the Pink Stuff to clean the oven. For all the students out there, you’ll be familiar with the dreaded shared oven. With the oven racks, door and bottom of the oven caked in years worth of grease and burnt food – very little will save it. However, with patience, 2 and a half hours spare and a little of AC/DC on a Saturday morning, I can give it my best shot of returning the oven to its former glory. I particularly love scrubbing in time with the riff as Angus plays that oh so well known opening to ‘Highway To Hell’; the meticulous task of cleaning the oven almost becomes bearable!

‘Highway to Hell’ is available to listen to now via J.Albert & Son Ltd.

‘Everywhere’ – Fleetwood Mac

I must admit, I listen to a fair bit of Fleetwood Mac when cleaning as there are so many tunes to help get me in the mood for cleaning. However, ‘Everywhere’ is just so happy! Ok, it reminds me of the 3 adverts with the little Shetland pony from a few years back… but that is what channels the happiness. This is a good tune clean the kitchen sides, fridges and table to… all whilst my housemates watch me get a sweat on.

‘Everywhere’ is available to listen to now via Warner Records.


‘September’ – Earth, Wind and Fire

So, this is just a tune. I know you are ‘supposed’ to only make a big deal out of it in September, but have you ever hoovered to it?! It is like reenacting the Mrs. Doubtfire scene, where she is cleaning to ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’ by Aerosmith… but with a better song. I highly recommend playing this song through your headphones as you dance around the house with your vacuum cleaner. You might get a few weird looks from housemates if they are in… but who cares? You’re doing your bit to keep the house nice and tidy.

‘September’ is available to listen to now via Columbia Records.


‘When I Get You Alone’ – Robin Thicke

Ah… good ol’ weird Robin Thicke. Before the cringe and questionable ‘Blurred Lines’, Thicke was in the Rn’B scene. With a funky beat mixed with Beethoven’s ‘5th Symphony’, it shouldn’t work but it does! Although the video is cringy and I argue The Warblers from GleeĀ do it way better, I wanted to share the original. For me, this is a great song to do some washing up to or put your clothes out to dry as bop along to the beat to get shit done.

‘When I Get You Alone’ is available to listen to now via Interscope Records.


‘Rebel Yell’ – Billy Idol

This is so 80s it hurts. However, I have such a soft spot for Billy Idol that it would be a crime to not include him in my list. Of course, ‘Rebel Yell’ is a classic and gets the adrenaline pumping as I attempt to clean both bathrooms… where 6 lads live. With Idol playing, it makes it a bit more fun as I clean in time with the drumbeat. It is so therapeutic too as I spray and wipe the tiles down and imagine I am at a concert seeing this live. It definitely helps me get through some much needed chores!

‘Rebel Yell’ is available to listen to now via Capitol Records.



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