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Another month goes by, and another What We’re Listening To rises out of the fog of colder weather, never-ending uni assignments, and more lockdown uncertainty. Here we’ve got some cracking tunes that defined our October; keep reading to get some sweet new music reccomendations!

SONG: Matt Maltese – ‘As the World Caves In (Acoustic)’

Matt Maltese is one of the most talented singer-songwriters of our time. Well known for his piano ballads and emotively satirical lyrics, Maltese has just released the acoustic version of one of his best hits – ‘As the World Caves In’.

This single was originally released in 2o17, but its contents gain more relatability with each year that passes. Whether it be Trump, Johnson, or the pandemic, ‘As the World Caves In’ is the best single to wallow in as the world passes by uncontrollably. The acoustic version emphasises the beauty of this single, stripped down to its bare bones.

‘As the World Caves In’ exemplifies the gorgeousness of Maltese’s vocals, which is further demonstrated in its acoustic nature. If you’re looking for something to listen to as a way to escape the chaos of the world and disappear into just over 3 minutes, then this track is the one for you.

Georgie Holmes

‘As the World Caves In (Acoustic)’ is available to listen to via Atlantic Records. Check it out below.

SONG: KSI (feat. Craig David, Tinie Tempah & Yxng Bane) – ‘Really Love’ (Digital Farm Animals Remix)

I’ve got to admit I’m a big KSI fan, and after finding out his catchy single ‘Millions’ from his debut album Dissimulation (2020) reached number 3 on my Spotify Wrapped it made sense that I’ve been looping the Yxng Bane remix of his latest collaborative track ‘Really Love’. The track features legend Craig David, Digital Farm Animals, and my old school favourite UK rap artist Tinie Tempah whose voices add different sounds and melodies to the overall enjoyable track which has been mellowed in the remix.

Although I loved the original, the remix is one which you can actually sit down and work to which isn’t a commonality for KSI’s usual tracks. The music video isn’t one of the best I’ve ever seen, but given the current circumstances, I’m not sure what I expected! ‘Really Love’ is definitely a great track for curing the winter blues, if you’re in need of that like I am, with its upbeat modern pop style.

Katie Evans

‘Really Love’ is available to listen to via Beerus / RBC Records. Check out the music video below. 

SONG: Lindsey Mendez – ‘The Ballad of Sara Berry’

Lockdown 2.0 has allowed me to expand my list of musicals I listen to way too much. While my trip to watch Six might have to wait a little bit longer, I can find the lesser known gems from years ago to fall in love with. Case in point: 35mm: A Musical Exhibition. It’s not like your typical musical with the overarching plot – here the premise is that five castmembers (almost like the muses from Hercules) sing you through the background of photographs shown on stage. It was originally released in 2010 with an Off-Broadway revival a few years later.

Perhaps the most well-known number of the entire musical is the one I listened to first: “The Ballad of Sara Berry”, which serves as the last number about one of the sixteen photographs. We all know about Heather Chandler and Regina George, but Sara Berry is a different league. More so, in the fact that the ballad shows how she ‘spoil[s]for sash and sceptre’ and the title of Prom Queen. When that’s threatened, those seven reasons standing the way of her crown are in trouble.

It’s undoubtedly one of those musical songs that you have to belt at the top of your lungs during the chorus. It’s powerful as much as the imagery of Sara going on a rampage during the prom is horrifying. Perfect Hallowe’en listening material. Powerful, catchy, creepy, but a brilliant musical piece. Now, to listen to the rest of the track listing!

Louise Chase

‘The Ballad of Sara Berry’ is available to listen to now via Ghostlight Records.

SONG: Remi Wolf – ‘Photo ID’

I’ve been really getting back into my dance-funk phase recently, and ‘Photo ID’ by Remi Wolf is the perfect present day 80s remix vibe. It’s got that catchy, abstract sound that I just can’t seem to get enough of.

Starting out with some simple funk guitar and Wolf’s high vocals, the song kicks in to it’s danceable vibe with the inclusion of some jazzy drums and trumpets. Wolf’s voice lilts over the sounds through a vocoder, giving it a psychedelic, cyberpunk aura. The BEST part of the song by far has to got to be the third verse, when the beat drops and we get a killer mini interlude from the rest of the song that I promise will be stuck in your head for days afterward. The whole song has a very strong Aphex Twin, Grimes and The Avalanches vibe, with a mixture of 80s disco tunes thrown in for good measure.

I dare you try and listen to this absolute banger without shimmying along.

Alice Fortt

Photo ID’ is available to listen to now via Island Records.

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