Our Favourite Made-For-Movie Soundtracks: Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse


If you were paying attention in 2018, it’ll have been pretty difficult to miss the global sensation that was the brilliant animated feature Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

The film was a worldwide phenomenon, showcasing a new side to the Sony/Marvel Spider-man universe, with the narrative straying away from the stereotypical white representation from the original comics of the main character Peter Parker into one that diversified the universe by introducing a new protagonist – a young black inner-city boy named Miles Morales. Whilst the film was an incredible success, earning itself the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, it was the quirky use of a rap-influenced soundtrack blended into the stunning animated imagery that really captured the attention of audiences.

‘What’s Up Danger’ is the pinnacle of opener perfection on the soundtrack, with the track allowing you to picture the film in such a detailed and emotive way. In the film, Miles Morales learns of his new powers and must push himself to the limit. ‘What’s Up Danger’ overlays the scene in which Morales begins to jump off tall New York City skyscrapers, challenging himself to the extreme as the intensity of the song builds. I didn’t know of artists Blackway and Black Caviar prior to watching the film, but the link between the track and the film is one that is so well intertwined that I listen to the track daily.

Whilst the film was a worldwide success, it was the track ‘Sunflower’ that can be credited to a large proportion of this. Written and performed by the acclaimed Post Malone, with support from rapper Swae Lee, the tune is one that transcended the film and remained in the Top 10 singles chart for 33 weeks straight which is pretty insane! I even managed to catch Post Malone performing the track at Reading in 2018 which was a pleasant surprise. ‘Sunflower’ is a melodic and upbeat track that creates a brilliant vibe that takes away from the film. It’s the track you hear when introduced to Morales, making it his own personal soundtrack that both begins the film and ends it.

Although the album is quality, there are some tracks that manage to fall under the radar a bit. The fast-paced ‘Familia’ is a bit of an annoying one (however I’m not much of a Nicki Minaj fan myself) and tracks such as ‘Let Go’ and ‘Save the Day’ are kind of forgettable even though they’re decent listens. Nothing can compare to the beautifully emotional ‘Scared of the Dark’ which features the late XXXTENTACION alongside Ty Dolla $ign and Lil Wayne with some brilliant lyrics from them all. ‘Scared of the Dark’ summarises the meaning of the film, putting your worries and fears aside to prove to others that you are a strong individual who isn’t afraid. There’s something incredible about the song, making it one of my favourites from both when I watch the film and when I want something with feeling to listen to.

Some other tracks that have to be mentioned include the catchy ‘Way Up’ by artist Jaden and the Aminé wonder that is ‘Invincible’. The soundtrack as a whole is top-tier made-for-movie soundtracks, not only proved by the success of both itself and the film, but also because of the pure emotion that can be felt throughout. It’s a musical masterpiece that combines some brilliant artists that amplify the New York City life of the young Miles Morales as he works to become Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse (Soundtrack From and Inspired by the Motion Picture) is available to listen to now via Republic Records. Check out the ‘What’s Up Danger’ scene below.


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