This Week in Records (31/5/2021) – Black Honey, The Wombats and Poppy


It’s Monday again folks! And spoiler alert: we’ve got some TUNES! Actually, this is my last week giving you all hot goss on what you guys should be listening to this week. It’s been an honour and a pleasure to be your records editor this year. BUT alas, no tears: on with the music!

TUNE OF THE WEEK: Black Honey – ‘Fire’

Although one of the slower tracks on their killer album Written & Directed, Black Honey‘s ‘Fire’ is still a song of epic proportions. I’m obsessed with lead singer Izzy Baxter’s voice, which sounds like it’s straight out of a sultry 60s movie theme; the nostalgia continues in ‘Fire’ with the gritty sounding production, as if the track is playing through an old radio. It opens on what sounds like a ukelele and a slow bassline before Baxter’s vocals come in and the song truly begins. Lyrically, ‘Fire’ speaks of bodily empowerment, bolding stating in its opening lines ”I’m not yours, don’t belong to you/ It’s my body, I make the rules”, with the pre-chorus line slamming in with ”We are all diamonds shining in the dirt/ I know exactly what I deserve”. When paired with the trumpets and drum beat that back the chorus, the message of the song hits hard. ‘Fire’ is amongst many great tracks on Written & Directed, but it’s definitely a highlight.

‘Fire’ is available to listen to now via Foxfive Records.

The Wombats – ‘Method to the Madness’

Their first bit of new music since 2018, The Wombats‘ ‘Method to the Madness’ is a smooth jam sesh, allowing the listener to feel as though they’ve just tuned straight into a live feed of the band playing around in the studio. It’s definitely a slower track, using synths, layered vocals, and a simple repeating guitar riff to send the listener into a calm, spaced-out vibe. In terms of the lyrical content of the track, it dips into the darker side of things, with lead singer Matthew Murphy speaking of trying to make sense of chaos (as we’ve all been trying to do this year; 2020/2021 might have been the inspiration), as he sings out ”There must be some method to the madness… Still, I don’t wanna know, just one more smile then I’ll go”, arguably referencing trying to keep a straight face despite your own inner feelings. The much slower vibe of the song took me by surprise with The Wombats’ backlog of heavier indie-rock tracks, and I can’t say that I prefer it to their more upbeat music; it’s kind of forgettable once it’s over, and quite one-note. However, I am curious to see what the band are going to bring out next.

‘Method to the Madness’ is available to listen to now via AWAL Recordings.

Poppy – ‘Fear of Dying’

Much in the same vein as the previously mentioned Black Honey, Poppy‘s music has that distinctly gritty, dark vibe. ‘Fear of Dying’ is no different; it’s a high strung, intense rock track, with Poppy’s signature of ‘I don’t care’ attitude. In the second verse, every line starts with ‘I’m not afraid of..’, showing off her bad-ass persona. You can see the clear nu-metal and heavy metal references in the song, with Poppy’s hard near-screamo vocals, the reverberating guitar and rolling drums- it’s a headbanger for sure. It’s hard to say whether Poppy, as she has been in the past, is continuing her robot persona with this piece, as she followed in previous albums Bubblebath (2016), Am I A Girl? (2018), and I Disagree (2020), with the style of this track clearly aligning itself with the heavier themes of I Disagree. ‘Fear of Dying’ is a cover, with the song originally recorded by alternative band Jack off Jill, but it fits seamlessly into Poppy’s discography; she really makes the track her own. Poppy has once again released yet another killer track with ‘Fear of Dying’.

‘Fear of Dying’ is available to listen to now via Evil Cha Chi.

Tom Odell – ‘Lose You Again’

I’m unfamiliar with a lot of Tom Odell‘s work, but this song certainly drew me in. Odell’s vocal style is so interesting to me; it’s almost as if he sings at the front of his mouth, rather than from the chest, which shouldn’t work but it just does with him. ‘lose you again’ is a typical love song in its lyrical content, with the cliche lines of ”Your heart may be broken but it soon shall mend”, and ”I love you too much to lose you again”, speaking of the done-and-done again storyline of trying to win back a loved one. Odell’s vocals, however, make this track just something a little bit different for me; his cries on the chorus appear wracked with emotion, and the front-of-mouth style of the verses seem as if though he’s speaking directly to the listener. ‘lose you again’ made me curious, to say the least.

‘lose you again’ is available to listen to now via Sony Music UK.

Other Selected Releases


Ladyhawke – ‘Mixed Emotions’

Marshmello ft. Carnage – ‘Back in Time’

Modest Mouse – ‘Leave a Light On’

Picture This – ‘If We Ever However Whenever Forever’

You Me at Six – ‘voice notes’

Emma Blackery – ‘My Terms’


Alestorm – Live in Tilburg

Moby – Reprise

Veronicas – Godzilla 

Wretch 32 – Little Big Man

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