Albums We Would Marry if We Had the Chance


Til death do us part, as the vows say. Sometimes you’re just a person, standing in front of an album, realising it’s your ride-or-die. In this article, we celebrate those records that we feel we could never tire of and easily dedicate our lives to, the LPs that truly ‘had us at hello’. Keep reading to discover some marriage-worthy albums!

Gorillaz – Demon Days

Although they had already introduced themselves with an album in 2001, 2005’s Demon Days was when the “virtual band” Gorillaz, fronted by Damon Albarn, really came into its own. Every single track utterly mesmerised me when I was in Year 1. Rather than having a genre that is difficult to place, it almost feels as if Gorillaz is a genre of its own, characterised by sheer diversity and innovation, although of course I don’t claim to have been aware of such subtleties as a six year old.

Demon Days embodies the Gorillaz way. It has hip-hop features from The Pharcyde’s Bootie Brown in ‘Dirty Harry’, and De La Soul in ‘Feel Good Inc.’. It delves into jazz, most notably in ‘Every Planet We Reach is Dead’. ‘Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head’ is a compelling spoken-word journey, and the final two tracks make use of gospel choirs for the religious undertones of the album’s coda. The different musical styles are all weaved together by Albarn’s dreamy indie vocals, to create a unique and strong sense of a story being told. Quite what that story is, I’m still not sure. I guess I’ll just have to keep listening to it.

Louis Altmann

Demon Days is available to listen to now via Parlophone Records. Check out ‘Dirty Harry’ down below.

Paloma Faith – Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?

While not my first album, Paloma Faith‘s Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful can largely be credited with the reason I fell in love with music. Hearing the single ‘New York’ for the first time on BBC Radio 2 (my dad’s favourite radio station), I immediately fell in love with Faith’s unique twangy voice. When eventually the album released, I bugged my parents to download it to my phone and there it sat playing endlessly on repeat while I walked to and from school every morning. From the energetic 1920s fuelled ‘Upside Down’ to the more ballad-like title track, the album had everything and I’m pretty I exclusively listened to this one album for four months, with the occasional Dido or Alicia Keys song thrown in for good measures. It might be the most usual music taste for a ten-year-old, but I idolised Paloma Faith’s music and was her biggest fan for a long time. Even now listening to it sends me into a state of nostalgia all the way back to when I first heard ‘New York’, and who wouldn’t want to marry that feeling?

Sam Pegg

Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? is available to listen to now via Sony Music UK. Check out it’s title track down below.

Diana Ross – Diana Ross (1970)

If I could marry an album, it would most certainly be Diana Ross (1970) by the legendary Ross herself. It’s comforting, smooth and chock-a-block full of ’70s lovin’ baby. The whole album is an ode to a lover, so if you married Diana Ross you’d not only have your wedding song sorted, but soft tunes to get you through every day. When you have an argument and aren’t sure if they’ll forgive you? ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ will begin playing. Feel like getting down and funky? You can have a boogie to ‘Loves, Lines, Angles And Rhymes’. Need reminding of what you mean to your album lover? Hear the smooth tones of ‘Now That There’s You’ played right into your heart. And when the relationship is looking like it’s coming to an end, try not to cry as Diana asks you ‘Can’t It Wait Until Tomorrow’?. Diana Ross is a comfort album with many layers, all of them beautiful, and that’s why it would make the perfect spouse.

Maddie Lock

Diana Ross is available to listen to now via Motown Records. Check out ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ now down below.

Jamie Cullum – Catching Tales (2005)

If you’re looking for an album that will treat you RIGHT, look no further than Jamie Cullum‘s Catching Tales. An ode to the nostalgia of young love, with all its ups and downs, Catching Tales is an hour of sweet jazz-pop that really showcases the crooning talents of leading man Cullum, bringing all his wit, piano skills and charms to the forefront of the record. Let yourself be whisked away on a dreamy journey of romance through ‘I Only Have Eyes for You’, ‘I’m Glad There is You’ and ‘Photograph’, experience all the trials and tribulations of relationships with ‘Nothing I Do’, ‘Get Your Way’ and ‘Mind Trick’, and the funny times through ‘Fascinating Rhythm’ and ‘7 Days To Change Your Life’. Catching Tales takes you on a life-mirroring journey of romance, heartbreak, self-contemplation and happiness, all in the space of its hour-long run time; it’s realistic, it’s uplifting and comforting, and for that reason, it’s a perfect marriage candidate.

Catching Tales is available to listen to now via Universal Classics and Jazz. Check out ‘I’m Glad There is You’ down below.


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