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‘Things That Go Bump in The Night’ – allSTARS

British pop group allSTARS, active for only one year, reached their peak through featuring on the soundtrack for Scooby Doo (2002). Whilst I could spend hours recommending songs featured throughout this franchise, ‘Things That Go Bump in the Night’ is one of my top picks to liven up your Halloween spirit.

The song perfectly encapsulates the mystery adventure of Scooby and the gang, and of course, the Halloween genre. From an instant, a foreboding atmosphere is created by warning from the undead telling listeners to “Beware of the full moon, stick to the path. Out come the creatures, a spine-chilling laugh” followed by a typical, yet sinister laugh. From then you get thrown into a Backstreet Boys inspired bassline, a sign this song will become a classic, catchy song of pure Halloween fun.

I wouldn’t want you to misunderstand me, whilst the song is bounds of fun, it shouldn’t be misconceived as all style no substance. The lead vocals do an amazing job of almost narrating the story behind the song, which is particularly effective in the pre-chorus. The cadence of her voice pairs effectively with the falling synth in production, enhancing the spooky aura in the song.

Megan Eynon-Daly.

‘You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween’ – Muse

Released as an album track back in August 2022 on their ninth album ‘Will of the People’, this Halloween-themed banger shows Muse at their comical best. Never taking themselves too seriously, Muse lay down a catchy mix of synths and hard rock here, becoming a perfect musical representation of the holiday. While not a surprise at this point, frontman Matt Bellamy’s vocals are as theatrical as expected, only leaning into the campness of the cut rather than trying to make himself sound too menacing.

As needed in any camp banger, ‘Halloween’ features a triumphant guitar solo, making the song sure to bring the party to any Halloween bash. Sick of Thriller and Ghostbusters? Stick this one! While to me it sounded like an instant classic for the season from the minute it released, it somehow doesn’t seem to have made it to the big streaming playlists… hopefully 2024 will be its time to shine!

Callum Joynes.

‘Ghost Town’ – The Specials

Considered by many to be one of the greatest hits to be released from the UK, ‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials is an eerie, yet meaningful tune fully prepared to get you into the spooky season. Powered by the despair and anger felt during the Thatcher years, leader of the band Jerry Dammers wrote this single following an announcement that the band would quit touring.

Opening with sirens and doom-laden organ chords, the song itself immediately encapsulates the state of the country, both its physical and emotional state. The ‘ghost town’ lyric, in terms of physical space, speaks of the closed down shops fronts that were unable to survive in austerity. The ‘ghosts’, the people of Britain, can be heard crying out throughout the song, adding to the unsettled atmosphere of the song.

Whilst it doesn’t have a direct relation to Halloween, and certainly isn’t a fun, happy song, ‘Ghost Town’ invokes the haunting spirit of past times and sets a mood for a season filled with the uncanny.

Megan Eynon-Daly.


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