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In this day and age, it’s pretty hard to miss new music floating around with resources like Spotify, YouTube and the like. But since being forced to stay at home in 2020, TikTok has opened up a floodgate to a plethora of new artists that have hit a wave of success after sharing their music online. You would be surprised at just how many songwriters and performers found their breakthrough singing to their phone in their living room and this article is dedicated to just a few of those that have reached my radar.

Barlow & Bear

Let’s start at the very beginning: Christmas 2020. ‘Bridgerton’ is released to Netflix, inspiring a swarm of fans to recreate this regal icon of a show in their creative outlets. In particular, it inspired Abigail Barlow who started writing songs from the point of view of each character. She started sharing clips of her singing these self-written tunes to TikTok and acquired the help of friend and composer Emily Bear. Thus a legendary duo were born! The pair have since won a Grammy (yes, really!) for their ‘Unofficial Bridgerton Soundtrack’ and started a professional team called Barlow & Bear. Since capturing the world’s attention, they’ve worked on music for a musical called Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza. This was made specifically to be streamed on TikTok. 

Life hasn’t been total glitz and glamour for the duo, though. In 2022 they were sued by Netflix on the grounds that their work inspired by ‘Bridgerton’ had “stretched the rights of fan fiction”. Although in doing this, they won themselves a Grammy. In situations like this, it’s best to weigh up the pros and cons.

So if you are planning to release music inspired by a favourite series or film, maybe check some legal documents before you host a concert for it. 

Bravo, girls!

Cian Ducrot

An Irish-born singer with incredible songwriting abilities, and let me tell you that his stage presence is brilliant too! If you do not recognise the name, then you will recognise the sound of his flashmobs on TikTok singing ‘I’ll be Waiting’ whilst standing on a downward travelling escalator in the London Underground. Cian Ducrot has confidence and he proves this by travelling around the world with his flash mobs. Honestly… at cafes when the waitress walks over to ask for his order, in the middle of the street, even when someone goes to collect their Amazon parcel at a pick-up point. He writes music and he’s going to serenade you with it.

Although his delivery is *ahem* understated, it doesn’t take away from the fact that his music has real meaning to it. He covers serious topics and in doing so creates beautiful melodies that connect him to his fans. I got to see him in concert at Southampton’s O2 Guildhall and being a part of a crowd singing his lyrics back to him was goosebump-worthy.

Such a talented songwriter and a funny guy, and boy can he sing!

Devon Cole 

I could not leave Devon Cole off of this list. My goodness, she has a voice like butter! I discovered Devon on Instagram when she joined a trend whereby a music artist would release the tune of a song they’d written and ask the internet to duet the video with lyrics that complimented the vibe. Devon hopped on board the trend and wrote ‘W.I.T.C.H.’ I’m in no way a lover of Halloween or anything of this nature but this song got me and I was obsessed! From here I discovered Devon’s discography of brilliant songs that she had written and performed, including, ‘Hey Cowboy’, ‘1-800-GOT-STRESS’, ‘Good On Me’, and ‘Call U After Rehab’. Her music has a feminist edge to it which can be great for times when you need a boost. 

Devon has a Southern bell feel about her and a beautiful voice to sing along with. Her songwriting skills never fail to amaze me with each new release and I am so looking forward to the day that I get to see her live – the day I’ll be able to say, ‘I’ve been here from the beginning’!

As I arrive at the end of my article, dear reader, I’d like for you to take in an important message: no dream is too big. If you have a passion, share it! You may just win a Grammy and perform on stages across the world. Just check the legalities first, okay?


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