Songwriter Spotlight: Tom Mann


Local Southampton lad Tom Mann started his career on the X Factor, auditioning for the second year in a row in 2014 with an original song. He was put together with seven others in the series to form the short-lived boyband Stereo Kicks. In April 2015 he co-authored the band’s first and only single, the wildly underrated ‘Love Me So’ shortly before the group disbanded in July. From there, Tom began establishing himself as a songwriter and has worked with top artists across the world on songs we’ve heard all over the radio.

Some of Tom’s most notable clients are the likes of James TW, Tom Grennan, and Lewis Capaldi. Through former bandmate Reece Bibby, Tom also co-writes with Reece’s new band New Hope Club, and their friends The Vamps, whom they worked closely with on their fifth album ‘Cherry Blossom’. Tom’s impact on the industry has been clear and continues to grow, and highlights how a career started on a show like X Factor can snowball so quickly and change into something incredible.


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