To Kill A King – Word of Mouth EP


To Kill A King have independently recorded and released a 6 track EP entitled Word of Mouth (five original tracks alongside a cover). Each track showcases something unique about them as a band and demonstrates a wide array of talent amongst the 5 piece. Ralph Pelleymounter’s vocals are incredibly unique which makes each track instantly recognisable as a To Kill A King track and as a whole they have vocal harmonies down to a tee. The beautiful ‘Howling’ opens the collection of tracks. The first experience I had of this song was through headphones at full volume, it was an amazing experience as the deep notes soar through the speakers at the beginning and as Pelleymounter’s haunting vocals come in shortly after. The track ebbs and flows in pace always returning back to the chilling chorus where the listener is left hanging on the band’s every word. Next is ‘Funeral’, a personal favourite of mine. Despite the title it is in fact an upbeat number demonstrating their creative range and oozing with energy. When played live the band really give this track their all (check out the video below), it’s hard not to dance along as the tempo quickens.

‘Besides She Said’ is a slower number fuelled by poetical lyrics, allowing them to take centre stage as the EP takes a certain element of calm. ‘Wolves’ gets the EP swinging in upbeat-ness again, with a country element to the twanging guitar sounds that open it; it is definitely worth a listen. All in all the EP sounds as though it was recorded in one take, giving you a taste of what to expect with their live shows. The production value is low and rightly show, it demonstrates how To Kill A King are making great music by playing their instruments! That may sound incredibly stupid but amongst the highly produced ‘music’ you see in the charts these days, it’s refreshing to see a band shining through with vocal harmonies and the like. ‘Rays’ is another track that simply showcases their ability as a band and is an instant hit. Those of you who are not familiar with To Kill A King, listen to this track and I challenge you not to fall in love. It is a pleasure to listen to and with such a catchy chorus I find myself humming the tune throughout the day. I find it truly impressive how they can demonstrate such a range of ability from the opening line of ‘Howling’ to the haunting last words of ‘Let it Die’. And better than everything I’ve said so far, it’s completely free! You have no excuse, download it now.


You can download the Word Of Mouth EP here. Look out for To Kill A King at The Joiners in Southampton later this year.


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