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Most of you will never have heard of Or So She Said but this local duo are quickly becoming a big name on the live circuit, and have recently released their debut EP titled Free From This. After listening to the four track release it is safe to say the duo from Bournemouth have a bright future ahead of them. 

There are many EPs I have listened to from local artists that sound amateur. However the duo, made up of university students Chloe Glover and James Southard, have put together an EP full of well written lyrics with an immensely professional sound which has quickly made it on to my daily playlist. Glover’s voice accompanied by Southard on the guitar have only left me wanting to hear more from the duo who are currently playing a range of live gigs across the South.

The opening track ‘Harmony’ starts the EP perfectly. An upbeat get up and go track with the ability to bring a smile to the face of anyone who listens to it, you’ll immediately begin to tap and hum along like you’ve heard the song before. Glover shows off her talent as a fantastic lyricist as well as vocalist and this continues into the title track ‘Free From This’. While I prefer the live acoustic version of the song I have heard before, the title track does not disappoint and exemplifies the duo’s lyric writing abilities as well as showing off Glover’s pure voice. The final two tracks on the EP demonstrate the duo’s fantastic versatility, especially ‘Where Are You Now’. The track demonstrates Or So She Said’s acoustic side and is very stripped back in comparison to the previous three tracks on the EP. I would like to hear more of this from the duo as this is where they show off their ability the best.

This is an incredibly promising start from the duo and I expect to hear a lot more from them in the coming years. The only criticism  is that occasionally a couple of the songs can sound the same. While they are great it would be a shame for the songs to merge into one. To see Or So She Said at their best, you need to see them in a live set (their next gig is scheduled for 16th August at Sticky Mike’s in Brighton).

A great start from the duo.

4.5 stars

Free From This is available now on iTunes. Watch their performance of ‘Free From This’ below.



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