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Luke Sital-Singh’s debut album The Fire Inside features his recent single ‘Nothing Stays the Same’. With a strong backing from BBC Radio 1’s In New Music We Trust playlist, Luke Sital-Singh’s folk sound and strong guitar backing mirrors the likes of Bon Iver to Damien Rice. The album showcases his level of vocal range as well as variation between upbeat and slower ballad-like tracks.

The album starts straight away with the leading single ‘Nothing Stays The Same’, the song begins with soft vocals and acoustic guitar, but gradually builds in pace with the addition of a light drum beat. Its catchy chorus sounds joyous despite featuring the lyrics ‘cry yours eyes out… we all hurt, we all lie’. The repetitive use of the lyrics ‘we’ makes the listener already feel a connection to Sital-Singh and his uncanny ability to turn deep and soulful lyrics into a happier sound. The track is followed by another upbeat melody ‘Greatest Lovers’, rather romantic but equally cheery and an easy listen.

‘Bottled up Tight’ also features on the album, one of his earlier released singles. Still one of my favourite tracks on the album, it exemplifies the originality of his lyrics. At this stage in the album the tracks all follow a similar pattern of developing and increasing pace gradually – a technique currently working well for the singer/songwriter. Other songs such as ‘21st Century Heartbeat’ and ‘We Don’t Belong’ also add a more pop-mainstream dynamic, yet still coated with unique vocals to make them stand out from a crowd.

‘Lilywhite’ is another memorable track on the album; it has a gentle melody easing gradually into a ballad, with the addition of a brass band. This creates a much needed contrast to the following softer acoustic ‘Nearly Morning’, showing how Sital-Singh’s heartfelt song writing is able to be used in various forms and still put express his emotional depth. The Fire Inside shows Sital-Singh’s vocal abilities; ranging from his effortless high notes to the huskier elements of his voice as illustrated by ‘I have been a fire’, which also has a small guitar solo to ensure that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

However, the albums shining feature is the incredibly powerful ‘Benediction’, which combines piano and haunting vocals to create heartfelt brilliance. Sital-Singh is able to make his music sound completely natural and uncomplicated, even when stripped back; it shows his genuine talent, making his wide vocal range seem like a walk in the park. ‘Benediction’ is the only way the album could possible finish, leaving a lasting impression and a new found love for Sital-Singh.

The Fire Inside is an incredibly powerful and strong debut album by Luke Sital-Singh and is hopefully the beginning of many more to come. All tracks are available to listen to on his website, as well as a free download of ‘Nearly Morning’. Tickets are still available for the tour accompanying this album around the UK in September later this year.

4 stars


The Fire Inside was released on 18th August 2014 on Parlophone Records.


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